Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Etude House Lip Products Review

I am in love with makeup and I want to try almost any product and any brand. One good product that I have been wanting so badly is from a Korean cosmetic brand Etude House. I have to admit that their endorser Lee Min-ho is responsible for it. If you watch his TV Shows, it's impossible not to like him because he looks so adorable, he's a good actor, and he has great skin! The first etude House product I got crazy over with was their bb cream which really worked out well for me and after that I just knew I need to get my hands on their makeup products too.

The first product I got is a lip tint is called 55 Kissful Tint Chou in 001 and comes in a 10ml tube. The tint is cherry red and really smells like cherry. It has lip plumping properties that provide a glossy volume to thin lips. It doesn't sting on the lips when you apply it so you don't really feel that it's plumping your lips. In fact I find myself using this a lot lately because it gives the lips a very naturally pink tint. You can wear it alone because it is very pigmented and glossy, but you can totally top it off with your favorite lip gloss if you want. It's very moisturizing and leaves the lips so smooth so it's fun to wear. This is perfect for daily use and most especially for the summer when you want to wear less makeup but still want to look fresh.

Another product that I got is their Dear Darling Gloss in French Rose #1 which is so pretty. You can certainly wear it alone or on top of a lip tint or lipstick. I wear these products together and they look so lovely. It's not too dramatic. It's pleasant to wear everyday if you just want your lips to look natural. To me it smells like strawberry and it's very comforting. It also has a little hint of color that makes the lip color you wear underneath pick up more.

Overall I love this brand and their products a lot. What's not to love anyway! It's very wearable, pigmented, moisturizing, and they are inexpensive too. I cannot wait to try their blushes and mascara which I heard are also gorgeous. I bought some of their eyeshadow as well but I haven't tried them yet. I'll write a review about it soon.



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