Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eyeshadow Review: The Face Shop Lovey Me:Ex YL703

Hello everyone! I have another makeup review for you all and the product I am reviewing today is The Face Shop Lovey Me:Ex YL703 Eye Shadow. When I was at the mall last week, I stopped by my favorite shop to buy some nail polish and this eye shadow caught my attention. The white plastic packaging looks really cute and sturdy and the shade is in golden yellow with glitters. Really very pretty!  I thought of getting one for a few weeks now as there are days when I like a very subtle but pretty eyes when I am not in the mood to do my makeup. There are a lot more shades available to choose from for those interested and it retails at P279 at any TFS store. 

The Face Shop Lovey Me:Ex YL703 Eye Shadow

The Face Shop Lovey Me:Ex YL703 Eye Shadow

Below are some swatches of the product. I only took a small amount of product using my finger and the color pay off is really nice. It's a beautiful eye shadow for teens and those young at heart too :D. It's very easy to apply and buildable to your liking. You can use a taupe-y base shadow for a more natural shade or a yellow base to make the color adhere more. See image below:

The Face Shop Lovey Me:Ex YL703 Eye Shadow Swatch
TFS Lovely Me:Ex YL703 with taupe cream base 

The Face Shop Lovey Me:Ex YL703 Swatch

This is a photo of me wearing the eye shadow and as you can see it's really very simple but the glitter makes the whole look pretty. I recently broke out probably because of hormones so please excuse my recent pictures where my blemishes are visible. It's dried up now though and I cannot wait to totally get rid of it :D.

Overall this eyeshadow is fun to wear and I like it! I think the price is also reasonable compared to other brands. It has a lot of product so I don't mind the price at all. I do have a similar shadow on my ELF Natural Eyeshadow Palette  for those who are interested on this particular shade. It's similar and a cheaper alternative plus you get more shades! I give this product 4 STARS!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Please let me know if you have questions. Take care! 



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