Monday, June 27, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish Review: GR501

Hello everyone! I have another nail polish review today and it's on The Face Shop GR501. I got this a week ago but I got sick and didn't have the chance to write a review and show you some swatches. This nail color is a baby green shade which is great for teens too. It retails at P95 on any TFS retails stores.

The Face Shop GR501 front

The Face Shop GR501 back

Unlike the other face shop nail colors, this one doesn't have the brand name printed on the front of the bottle but on the lower part of the handle (see photo above). I like the packaging a lot because it looks clean and lovely. This nail color line works as great but this particular shade is a little streaky and chipped a lot faster even with a nail base coat. It only stayed on my nails for 2 days and then it started chipping. It was a little disappointing but I still enjoyed wearing it because it made my hands look soft :). I have this on GR502 too and that one was not as streaky and not as thick and I was really in love with the color. You can click on the link and check out some swatches. 

I had a little difficulty applying the product on my nails because the consistency was a little thick. Since it's a little dense, it didn't look good on my nails and I had to repeat the application twice to get it right. I also used 3 coats to hide the lines and keep the look even. 

The Face Shop GR501 Swatch

The Face Shop GR501 Swatch

The Face Shop GR501 Swatch

I still like their nail colors and I understand that not all products are perfect so I will still continue to buy their nail colors :D. As a matter of fact I got 2 more colors yesterday on candy pink and a very lovely red. I hope to post review soon. Please do check it out :).

Lovely color

Not very easy to apply
Chipped fast

My verdict on this particular nail color is 3.5 STARS!!! Would have been a 4.5 if it lasted a longer. Hope you enjoyed this review. Take care everyone! :)



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