Thursday, June 30, 2011

Skin Care Tip: EVOO as Makeup Remover and Moisturizer

I have been in a quest of discovering natural products to make my skin better and I have been doing some research. One of the best natural products I learned that is good for the skin and can cure acne is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There are different kinds of olive oil so it's advisable to go for EVOO because it's pure olive oil and is not proceed. For those who don't know the kinds of olive oil and why not all of it is safe to use on the skin, here are some info for you.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from first cold-pressing, no chemicals or hot water applied, must be produced by mechanical extraction methods, and should not contain more than 0.8% acidity
  • Virgin Olive Oil comes from the first pressing, and produced without refining, and has less than 2% acidity
  • Pure Olive Oil is a blend of virgin olive oil and refined olive oil
  • Lite Olive Oil is from a mixture of lowest quality of olive oils through chemical processing

Many have used olive oil to cure acne, skin irritation, counter act redness, keep the skin smooth, strengthen the nails, treat dandruff, and use as a makeup remover. I did try this on my face when I was breaking out terribly about 2 months ago, it did help get rid of my acne and kept my skin really smooth. The problem I had though was the breakout did not stop then. There was always a small bump randomly showing up on my face so I stopped leaving it on my face overnight like I used to. I only use it on my hands now and my arms. I have dry hands and EVOO has kept it smooth now :). I even use all over my body and I like it better than lotion because it's not greasy at all. The skin absorbs the EVOO very well and you won't know you applied it after a few minutes. 

I'm still going to try using EVOO on my face some other time because I believe that it will make a huge difference on my skin. My skin was okay before my experiment but I know it can still be improved. If you want to try this as well, make sure that you try a small area on your face as others have broken out of this. You may also try the oil cleansing method which is a known process to get rid of acne. You can check out the process here. If done consistently and properly, it can help clear skin issues such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and keep the skin healthy and balanced.

EVOO mixed with water

I do use EVOO as makeup remover and it works wonders. It can remove waterproof makeup easily and it's cheaper. I mix 3 parts of EVOO and 1 part of water so it's not as oily. I like that it's very mild on the skin and keeps the skin around my eyes moisturized. I also use it around my face to completely remove foundation and I prefer it more than store bought makeup remover and I will continue using it :D.

Hope this post helps :). Take care everyone!



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