Saturday, July 2, 2011

ELF Cosmetics Review: Essential Brightening Eyeliner in Black

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I will be doing a short review on the ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Black. I am not a huge eyeliner person but sometimes I like using it on my upper water line to make my lashes look thicker :D. The retail price of this eyeliner is P129.75 and you can buy it from SM Department Stores or Watsons. You may also buy it online at It also came with a sharpener which you cannot beat for the price! :D

ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Black

I read from a post of one of my forum members that ELF's eyeliners are really good so I decided to check it out. The thing that surprised me is the quality of the product and how reasonable the price is. It was very soft and very easy to blend. You can control how think or thick you want the line to show. I use Maybelline eyeliner and they hardly come on. It's very difficult to use on the upper water line because you have to swatch it a few times and put a little more pressure for the line to show up. With this eyeliner I was really surprised that it glided on my water line smoothly and it was very easy to apply. You can achieve a pretty smokey lash line with this product! 

On the swatch below, I hardly put pressure on the pencil because it was very soft and it's going to break but the color payoff is really nice. I have also tried Avon's glimmersticks in blackest black but it's not as black as ELF's eyeliner and it's not as smooth either. 

Brightening Eyeliner in Black Swatch

If you check out my photo above, my lashes look fuller because I have this eyeliner on my water line and I like how it looks. One problem I had with this though was since it's soft and very blendable, it transfers so you have to be careful with this. You can apply an eyeshadow to set it but you have to be very careful to keep the product off your eyes.

Easy to apply
Glides on smoothly
Bold Color
Very pigmented
Easy to blend


Overall I like this eyeliner and I actually got it in Gilded too which is a golden color that's great for the lower lash and water line . I'll write a review on it soon. I give this 4 STARS!!! 

Hope this review is helpful to anyone considering to get this eyeliner. Take care!



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