Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nivea Pinkish Boost

I have been wanting to try this lip products for quite sometime now. I always see it displayed on shelves in the supermarket when I do my groceries but I only decided to buy it last week. It's on a squeeze tube with 10ml of product for P179. 

list of ingredients

Nivea Pinkish Boost is a lip care product that is said to restore the natural rosiness of the lips. It provides moisturization for 8 hours and reduces dullness of the lips. It has spf 15 to protect the lips from UVA and UVB rays which is the common cause of dryness and darkening. This product is loaded with all the benefits to care for the skin and keeping it healthy. 

The product is a light pink balm and very sheen. It doesn't really provide much tint on the lips so others may not like it. This can be used on top of any lip product or can be worn alone for that natural look. I think the concept is really good as it doesn't only reduces dullness on the lips but restores its pinkish color and protects it from sunlight. I did notice that my lip's condition has improved after 1 week of use. I think after another week my lips will be softer and more pinkish :D (fingers crossed). I'll observe this product again for another week and update this post if there's more improvement and decide whether this product is worth its cost. So far I like it okay. The one think I dislike about it is the smell. I don't feel very comfortable having it on my lips because it has a very strong perfume smell that will also put off some users. Other than that, I have no complaints anymore :D.

My verdict: 3.5 STARS!


After another week I don't see any huge improvement on my lips. It's a little healthier and softer because of the exfoliation from using the Nivea Pink Boost. After 2 weeks my lips are more pinkish as it seems so I guess it's really working! I love how my lips look now and I'm glad I tried this. It's a great addition to my lip care products.  



  1. I actually tried this before as well but I ended up throwing it away. I gave it a rating of 2.5 stars... There were just things I didn't like about it. Hehe. Pero ok naman sya...

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  2. Hi Chriselle! At first I thought it was a waste of money but the more I use it the more I notice that my lips are getting better. Not sure if psychological lang or if it's really working LOL. Will give it another week and see if it's really effective. I still repel the smell though :(

  3. Ate, make another post sooner po. I've been thinking of buying this one eh. Kaso baka naman sayang pera ko. I'm on a tight budget pa naman. Hahaha! Thanks po :)

  4. Sure Diane, will do. I actually just applied it while doing my night time routine and it's lightly exfoliating my lips which means it's doing it's job :). Will update soon :)


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