Friday, September 7, 2012

Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer

Hey everyone! I have a skin-care product review for you all, and this is on the Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer. I have been using this moisturizer for over 2 months now, and this has improved the staying power of my makeup. Not only, it has minimized the appearance of my pores, which is really amazing, but it controlled my oil. I was in search for a good oil free moisturizer because my face lotions before didn't do good in controlling my oil, especially when I have my makeup on. I was eyeing the Celetech oil-free moisturizer but stumbled upon this one instead. I decided to get it because it reminded me of my Pure Zone Moisturizer, which is already discontinued. I didn't even check the reviews before I bought this and this was a good buy fortunately :D. 

I love the packaging a lot because it's in glass, and contains 50ml of product. It's in a tub though so you have to scoop out the moisturizer from the container which could be unhygienic. So I always make sure that I wash my hands and apply hand sanitizer before using it, or use a small rubber cosmetic spatula. It's in gel form so it's easy to blend, instantly absorbed by the skin, and very light-weight it almost feels you applied water on your face. I love the cooling effect that it gives, and you can feel that your skin is refreshed and pores are tightened! It's oil-free, but it provides a good amount of moisture that my skin needs. I have never broken out nor experienced any allergic reaction using this product. 

Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Moisturizer

It does mattify the skin, but it leaves some sort film, that when you rub it off, it looks like you got a bunch of dead skin that was kind of annoying at first. I learned after a few uses though that once it sets, I should just leave it alone because that film keeps the skin matte and shine-free :D. The pros outweigh the small con, so I still love this product. It doesn't make my skin feel greasy at all which is great. Of course, the best thing about this moisturizer is it tightened my pores, and that's the main reason why I love it.

I got this for P395 and for the price, you really get a lot of benefits! It does the job and lives up to my expectation. This product helped my skin become healthier, and I'm happy. So far, I haven't found an oil-free moisturizer on the market (on this price range) that does a better job. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! 



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