Monday, June 6, 2011

Black Radiance Sheer Blush Review and Swatches

I got this blush about a month ago and forgot that I had this already lol. So when I saw this again today I thought I should do a review about this product. I was looking for a good contour color when I saw this and decided to get it. The package includes a tiny brush that is useless if you want to use this for contour, and it has a small mirror on top when you open the blush.  I don't really need it but I appreciate that it's there in case I do need one. It has 6.8grams of product in a plastic packaging which I guess with break easy if you drop it. On another note, that's not the purpose of getting this blush so I won't take the packaging against the product. 

The shade is in Chocolate Truffle and is definitely not going to work for me as a blush but I figured I can make use of it as a contour shade. I know it's too dark for  a bronzer but I once saw a video of Kandee Johnson on youtube and she used a very dark concealer stick for contour and it worked very well. She said anyone can use a contour color that's 5 times darker than their skin tone. So I wanted to challenge myself to make this one work too. If you check out the swatch below, it really looks very brown on my skin tone and I only has to swatch it lightly. This has a little shimmer to it and is VERY pigmented.

Black Radiance Sheer Blush in Chocolate Truffle Swatch 

At first I struggled as you have to be very very light handed when applying it so it doesn't come out too strong. During the first try it looked like my skin got burned, BUT I did make it work the second try (hurray)! I had to lightly pat my brush on the product to take a very small amount and then softly blended it on my skin to contour my face. It did look naturally as if I was only using a darker bronzer than my NYC Sunny. I was happy with the result and I wanted to check how long it lasts. The photo below was taken right after I got home and it still looks very fresh after 6hrs! 

I saw on other reviews that it's also available in other more wearable colors. I think it should work the same. Pigmented, blendable, buildable, and long lasting. I only got this for P99 from a local store so it's definitely worth it. From my experience, this product deserves 4 STARS!



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