Sunday, June 5, 2011

ELF Studio Red Carpet Lip Stain Review and Swatches

ELF Studio Red Carpet Lip Tint

I wonder why I just got my hands on the ELF Lip Stain. It's been available in the market for awhile but I didn't notice it at all. I have been enjoying my Tony Moly Lip Tint and I guess I wasn't looking for a replacement because it's just so good . I was so anxious to try their tint to see if it's as good as their other products. I got this for P249.75 or you can get them from their website for $3. 

You have the stain on the other side and a clear gloss on the other, both have sponge tip applicators. I tried using it without the gloss but that just didn't work because it dries the lips pretty bad. Below are some swatches without and with gloss. 

ELF Studio Red Carpet Lip Tint Swatch

ELF Studio Red Carpet Lip Tint Swatch

ELF Studio Red Carpet Lip Tint Swatch

On the second image the light was washing the color off so I took another shot. The last image shows the closest color intensity in person. It's really very red and true to its name Red Carpet :). It's nice to wear if you want to look polished even without putting so much makeup on. What I love about this tint is that it's very very pigmented! It has a creamy consistency, the color is very intense for a tint, and very opaque. It dries pretty fast and when it does it's kinda difficult to get it off. It's very long lasting that I didn't retouch the whole time I was out. The gloss wore off but the stain remained on my lips even after I ate. It transfers very very easily though so you have to be careful when you wear this. It definitely lasts longer than other lipstick, lip gloss, or my Tony Moly and Etude Lip Tints. 

This has a smell so it may put other users off. Another thing I don't like about it is that the product doesn't close very well so the gloss tends to leak which is a bummer. On another note it's still a pretty good and long lasting lip stain for the price. I like it overall only that I was hoping I could use it without the gloss. I rate this lip stain 4 STARS! Will surely repurchase another shade :).



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