Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR502 Swatches and Review

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR502

Hello everyone! Here's another nail polish review for you all. I was going to do this review a week ago but was really busy and I was trying the nail base coat on another nail color. So this review is on The Face Shop GR502 Nail Polish. There are other green colors available in the store but this is the one I like the most and the first green shade I'm trying. It's very pretty and not very loud color for anyone. This can be a good back to school nail polish as well as it looks fresh and hip :). The color shows up a little darker but it looks so much prettier and lighter in person.

It's still their regular nail polish but on a different kind of packaging and retails at P95. This particular nail color doesn't have the TFS print in front. It's embossed on the lower part of the handle which is not very visible.

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR502 Swatch

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR502 Swatch

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR502 Swatch

It's the first time I am trying this variety of nail polish (with white handle) and I am not sure how good this is compared to the ones I got used to using (with black handles) but I think it should work as good. The brush seems to be shorter, thicker, and wider. It dried faster compared to the other TFS nail colors I have tried so it's a plus. It's still easy to apply but I have to get used to the shape of the handle. It's opaque and very much buildable if you want the shade to be darker. I'm happy that I was able to achieve this lovely color with just 2 coats! I'm really in love with the color. I can't keep staring at it and I think it made my skin look fairer LOL. Please excuse the smears of the nail polish on my nails. I took these shots right after it dried about 3 minutes because I was so excited to share this with you all. 

I'll edit this post the moment it chips so I can share you guys how long staying it is. I am using TFS nail base coat so I'm expecting it to last a lot longer as it did on my previous test. I didn't make a different post about it though because I used an old nail color for the purpose of the nail base coat review.

I totally love this shade and brand! I purchased another one in a light blue shade (still in white handle) and I cannot wait to try it out soon! TFS nail colors have good quality considering the price and they have a wide variety of colors to choose from, how can I not love them? :)

I give this nail polish 5 STARS! I hope you all like this review. Please let me know if you have questions. You can also follow me on twitter as I am always there :). Take care everyone!!!



  1. Where can I buy this ?
    I tied to checked at Face Shop's stores.. And I can't see this color :/

  2. Oh, sorry to hear that. I got this from The Face Shop Store. Maybe they're just out of stock for now...


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