Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Base Coat Review

I have skipped using a base coat for awhile because I think my LA Colors Base Coat was making my nail polish chip faster. For a few applications now I didn't use a base and it made my nails yellow :(. So now I decided to try The Face Shop Nail Base Coat to see how it works out. This retails at P95 on any The Face Shop Stores.

As any base this is very easy to apply and the brush is a lot wider than the regular TFS nail polish brushes. It did make my nail polish stay longer and I am happy with this purchase :). I like that it doesn't have a strong smell and is very sheer. Normally my nail polish will stay chip free for 3 days but using this made it last for 5! I know 5 days seems to sound so soon for a nail polish to start chipping but I spend about 16hrs on my laptop everyday and that's the reason why my nail colors don't last well. I will definitely repurchase this nail base coat and I give it 4 STARS! 

I'm reviewing another nail polish today so please check that out too.



  1. you should try orly base and top makes my nails chip-free for almost a week considering that i love to blog. :) teehee..:) The TFS top coat is also a great dupe for orly..I'll try this base coat soon. Its so cute coz its pink! :)

  2. pretty color even I have never have wear light colors

  3. Yeah I heard it's a great dupe for orly :). I'd love for my nail polish to last for a week! Hopefully this one does with the TFS base coat :)

    @Maria: Thanks! Yeah it's a pretty pink color :)

  4. i noticed something about this faceshop base coat. when i bought this the color was pink, but just after a month the color has turned white. have you guys experienced this with yours? has it expired already or what?

  5. Mine is fairly new so I don't know if it will turn white too when it gets older. Does it still work okay? Unless it makes your nails yellow, I think that's still okay but I could be wrong Tre

  6. yes, it made my nails yellow. that's why i bought a new one thinking the old one must have expired. but then the new one also turned white just after a month.

  7. Oh sorry to hear that Trey. Maybe it's already bad indeed. Have you tried to ask TFS why it is so?


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