Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Avon Extra Lasting Mascara

When I first saw this product on the catalog I knew I had to get this because I'm running out of my Avon Super Extend Mascara  which I really really love! This has 7grams of product and claims to last up to 18hrs! It's water proof, fade proof, smudge proof, and rub proof :D. Plus it provides 7 times volume to your lashes, now who wouldn't want that for a reasonable price, right?!

thin brush and short bristles 

The brush is thin which I really like because it's easy to work with. The bristles are short so it coats the lashes from the roots making it appear you have thicker lashes. There's a lot of space in between bristles though so it tends to clumps the lashes. The black shiny packaging with red metallic font is really pretty, and looks similar to the packaging of the Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto which I plan to try soon as well. 

bare lashes...

no mascara yet :)

mascara on one eye...

different view

with mascara on both lashes 

my lashes have more volume

I love that it's a very long lasting mascara and the brush is easy to work with. It makes my lashes stand out because it's very black, volumizes, holds a curl, and adds drama to the eyes. I was surprised how my lashes looked a lot thicker with only 2 coats. However, it appears rough and a little untidy if you look closer. The product is a little watery but dries up really fast so you have to apply the product carefully and quickly so you can build it up to avoid too much clumping.

What I don't like about it much is it's too difficult to remove. When they said smudge proof, they really meant it because it doesn't want to come off :D! This has an over powering smell which I still can't get over until now and may put off others too. I was also kind of disappointed when I first opened the mascara because there was a whole lot product on the wand that I couldn't put back on the tube anymore, and was very messy and a total waste.

Overall this mascara perform well and is true to what it claims. If you want a very long lasting waterproof mascara that holds a curl, volumizes, adds drama to the lashes, this is one to consider. My verdict: 4 STARS!!!


  • Super long lasting
  • Smudge Proof
  • Very black
  • Volumizes
  • Adds drama to the lashes :)


  • Can clump lashes
  • Very difficult to remove
  • Has a strong smell

I hope this review helps and if you have any questions, let me know :)



  1. nice review.. :D i alwauys get problems with avoon mascaras but this looks good on you

  2. Thanks Donnarence! This is only the second mascara from avon that I really like and I have tried quite a few already :). Good quality

  3. Thanks for this review...look so promising..it really increases the volume of your lashes..so pretty!! Kinda off-topic..super love your brows...hope you can do a brow tutorial..I love how your brow looks...Lovely..BTW, your new follower here~

  4. Hi Janet! I'm glad you like my review. I'm now growing my brows to make it look thicker because it's sparse and thin :D. Will try to do a brow tutorial :). Thanks for the follow! Following you back! :D

  5. I just got it and i hate it! The smell is horrible,it doesn't come off and it really is clumpy! And it gave me a rash on my eyelids!:S

  6. Ouch so sorry to hear that. I have to agree with the smell because I still haven't gotten over it until now. EVOO removes it really well

  7. The Garnier Fresh essentials cleansing wipes also removes it well:) Thank god for that!:)


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