Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blogger App for iPhone

I just found out today that the blogger app I have been waiting for is now available and I'm really excited! I've been wanting this app for so long and just remembered to search for it again. The app was made available on September of this year for FREE and I wish I knew about it earlier. There are other free apps available on the iStore such as Blog Booster which I have used for awhile now too, but I guess I just want an app specifically for Blogger :).

Editor View... very simple and straightforward...

Posts View... You can do more by clicking the drop down

This app is very straightforward and easy to use. The interface is very easy for a new user like me and I love that! I love the orange theme too :D. Of course it cannot replace the web version which I love so much but it's just nice to have if I want to make a blog post while I'm on mobile :). You can post pictures straight from the app or use an image from the gallery. Plus you can also add your location, add labels, and sign in to multiple accounts if you have another blogger blog. There's also a Bloggeroid app for Android users which is also free on the Android Market.

I did this post from my phone but I have to edit the placement of the images and added the caption because it doesn't have that feature yet on the app. So far this is really working the way I like it. I'll look forward to more editing options like being able to place the images where you want it, adding caption, and adding links in the future, because if you add the images after you have completed your post, you cannot rearrange them anymore and the app places it below your post. For now this app is good enough for me :).



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