Sunday, January 1, 2012

Avon Super Magnify Mascara Review

Happy New Year everyone! It's another lazy day for me just staying at home watching tv (500 Days of Summer now!) so I thought of making a new post. This review is on the Avon Super Magnify Mascara in Black Brown. It says to magnify lashes as the bristles to lash ratio is 5:1, so each bristle coats separates each lashes evenly. The Magnasphere Formula wraps each lash for ultimate definition and ultra volume. It claims to volumize the lashes by 60% without clumping. It contains 7.5 grams of product and is available is Black and Black Brown. It's ophthalmologist-tested and hypoallergenic so you don't have to worry about irritations. 

I really love Avon Mascaras! I have quiet a few of them and finished quite a few too. As far as I can remember, only one disappointed me because it dried out pretty quickly and I had to sadly throw it away after a few attempts of recovering it.

I think the packaging is cute :)

shade info

I super love the skinny brush. I have been wanting thin mascara brushes because to me it's easier to apply the mascara and work the product on my lashes. I feel I have full control of the application and how I want them to look because it glides on easily. I can build it up and apply from the roots without poking my eyes! The short bristle make it the perfect brush to apply mascara on the lower lashes for a more dramatic effect. Don't be fooled by the small brush because this gets the job done. It makes the lash look natural but luscious and holds up a curl really well. 

skinny brush!

love the many and short bristles!

without mascara

with Avon Super Magnify Mascara

When applied the mascara doesn't appear black brown at all. I actually order it in black but my friend ordered the wrong shade. It's sad because it would have been prettier if it's in black but that's alright :). You can see how it lengthens and volumizes my lashes without clumping them. The best thing about this mascara is it doesn't smear nor flake, and it lasts a long long time! It's not water proof but feels like it :). This is also perfect for those with sensitive eyes because it doesn't have a strong chemical that normally make the eyes hurt during the application.

I really love this mascara and I will surely buy another one if it doesn't get discontinued like the others. I recommend mascara lovers who are into small brushes to try it out. Really good stuff!

My verdict: 5 STARS!!!



  1. I'm loving this much is it? and is it available here in the Philippines?

  2. Hi Kimberly! Yes it's available here in the Philippines. I got it for an introductory price of P199 :)


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