Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Avon Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick

Hey guys! Sorry it took me awhile to review this lipstick. I was sick over the weekend and I spent most of the days resting. How are you all doing? I've been pretty excited about this lipstick because I think this is Avon's version of lip butter the way they described it on the brochure. When I hear the word 'butter' being associated with a lip product, I automatically think about the Revlon Lip Butter which I adore so I couldn't let this one pass. The shade I have is in Blushing Bride Rose M13. I've used this for 2 days now and so far I'm liking it. A lot!

The packaging looks the same as the other Avon Color Rich Rose Lipstick except that it has a pink bullet instead of the usual silver (pretty!). I notice that they also now have the brand "Avon" printed on the lipstick like that of L'oreal and I think it looks really cute. I'm pretty excited that this line doesn't come with shimmers and I wish I got another shade :). 

love the pink bullet and the print on the lipstick!

Now let's get down to how I find this product. The shade is a pretty pink that's absolutely perfect for weddings because it's not too pink, has enough shine, and no shimmers! It just gives you a fresh and sexy look. I didn't have high hopes for this lipstick because so far Avon have been pretty consistent with their consistency and formulation so I kind of know what to expect already. However, when I swatched it I was really surprised because it was so creamy and goes on like butter indeed! It has a thinner consistency than a lipstick and more moisturizing. I used it for more than 6 hours and it didn't bleed or feather, and it didn't dry my lips either. To me it looks better after it sets on the lips for a few hours. Just looking at the swatches below you'll know that this lipstick is quality because of the pigmentation and texture. The picture says it all!:D. 

Avon Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick  in Blushing Bride Rose

Avon Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick  Swatch

I have 2 thin layers on my lips here and yet it looks very opaque. Even if you apply more coats it doesn't feel like you have too much on. There are just 2 things I quite don't like about it. First is the typical lipstick smell which I don't enjoy, and it was a chalky. I was a little uncomfortable on the first few minutes of use but got used to it eventually :). 

Now if you're going to ask me how it compares to Revlon Lip Butter, I'll say they are not close but this one is good on it's league! If I haven't tried the lip butter, I would've loved this so much. Below are some swatches to compare both lip products. The one on top is the Avon Rose Lipstick and the one underneath is Revlon Lip Butter. 

Avon vs Revlon Lip Butter

Avon on top lip / Revlon Lip Butter on bottom lip

Looking closely on both swatches you can see how the lip butter has a softer, finer, and silkier finish. It minimizes the lines on my lips and it makes it look younger and healthier. It's more moisturizing, has more shine, and has a sweet scent which is really a huge plus! 

As for the shade, the Blushing Bride Rose is a shade darker than the Sweet Tart, which I would say that is a nice alternative if you can't get your hands on the lip butter. They're both gorgeous shades and I love them separately!

 If you're a fan of Avon lipsticks you will love Rose lipstick more. I have been an Avon lipstick user for awhile now so I can say that this is a must have lip product, and I hope this doesn't get discontinued

My verdict: 4.5STARS!!! I recommend this to all lipstick junkie. This really is a must try :D.



  1. The color is so pretty!
    I want to get this plus Jubilee Rose and Apricot Nectar Rose!

    1. I wanted to get the Apricot Nectar as well but they ran out of stock already :(. I guess I'll catch it next time :D

  2. Wow, tempting!! Kaso I hate ordering from brochures because I never know if I'm getting the correct shade! Maybe I'll get from an actual store... :)

    1. Yeah I always get deceived and don't get the colors I want when I order from brochures. But I really got lucky this time :)

  3. Lovely shade! By the way sis, just in case someone asks you where they can buy this lipstick (or any Avon products in particular) just let me know. I sell Avon products :)

    1. Hi! Would you know if there's anyone selling this line of lipsticks in QC? I'm interested in getting a couple of shades. :)

    2. Hi there! Sorry I don't know anyone selling this line in QC. Maybe you can contact Ms Say on her blog: http://fashionbysai.blogspot.com. She's an Avon Lady and she probably can help you :)

  4. I've tried avon lipsticks and I liked it too. that color is really nice. :) thanks.

  5. Thank you very much! :)


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