Friday, March 2, 2012

What's Up?!

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I wanted to write another review today but I don't feel very well so I'm going to pass for now. I have a stiff neck and a migraine and it's making it difficult for me to function normally. I'm still working but multitasking isn't quite possible now. I'll try to do the review tomorrow if I feel better and not too busy with work. Undecided yet if I'll be reviewing my Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick which I heard has been sold out (does that mean it's really good? ) or the TFS Face It Hot Pink Nail Polish, or the Lioelle BB Cream. Guess I'll see what I feel like doing tomorrow :).

Did anyone notice how hot it was today? It was 32˚C this afternoon which I think is crazy because it's not even summer yet. According to the news the summer heat should be felt by the end of March or first week of April. Now that just sounds LINsane! I cannot imagine how hot it's going to be then.

Speaking of LINsane, is anyone here an NBA fan? I'm a huge NBA and Jeremy Lin fan :D. LINsane together with the other terms as LINsanity, LINpossible, etc.,  are terms that Jeremy LIN fans came up with to describe how incredibly good his game is! He's Asian-American, very smart, graduated from Harvard with a degree in Economics, and a devoted Christian. He's an underdog and saved his under achieving team just in the Knick of time! He's the newest NBA sensation now and he's just getting better and better :D.

Shout out to my new followers! Thank you for subscribing and supporting my blog, it really means a lot! To my new visitors, thanks for taking your time to visit and I hope you come back to check out my other posts :).

Good night / good afternoon / good morning to you all and take care!



  1. Get better soon! :D
    Yeah it's so freakin hot I want to lounge around the house in a bikini or something. Ang mahal naman ng electric bill pag nag aircon kasi. :P

    Wah true yan, sa Avon branch dito sa ParaƱaque ubos ang UMR. Sana by next week meron na. :P

    1. Thanks Janine, I feel better now :). Guess I really made a good decision to give it a try. I was't sure about it when I ordered but now I think I made the right decision. Hope you can get your hands on them next week :)


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