Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mineral Foundation: Elite Mineral Makeup

I'm pretty excited about this mineral makeup brand and I will be reviewing their products soon, but before doing so I'd like to introduce them to you first.

Elite Mineral Makeup is a mineral makeup brand from the US which uses high quality ingredients on their makeup. It doesn't contain animal product and it's not tested on animals either, isn't that great?! I know most of us are quite particular about animal testing and I personally prefer to buy from companies that don't. Sometimes it's really unavoidable especially if the brand and the product is really good but you just gotta love these companies who prefer not to sacrifice animals for product testing. Their products are a lot more durable and useful then regular cosmetic products as well as it has multiple functions.

The company's goal is to provide all natural, preservative free, and 'one product for all skin types' to everyone. Elite Mineral Makeup commits to NOT use low quality ingredients on their products. They are modestly priced so you're assured of getting your money's worth.

I have tried a few brands of mineral makeup and I don't always find the right shade for me because the color selection is very limited from 3 - 5 shades so most of the time I end up just making it work to not put it to waste. I know many of you share this same sentiment. However, Elite Mineral has a wide range of 15 different shades for all skin tones so you're sure to find the right one for you. Below are some of the shades available:

Elite Mineral Foundation in Natural

Natural is one of the most loved foundations in lighter shades! It is the right color for those who have light to light medium skin tones 

Elite Mineral Foundation in Light Beige

Darker than Natural, Light Beige is a shade that goes best on those with yellow pigments on their skin.

Elite Mineral Foundation in Fairly Light

Fairly light is the perfect shade for you if you have very fair skin with warm undertones.

Elite Mineral Foundation in Honey Beige

Honey Beige is one of the most popular medium foundations of Elite Mineral.  This is perfect for those who have medium skin with cool undertones

Elite Mineral Foundation in Honey

A shade lighter that Sun Kissed, Honey goes best for those with slight pink hues on their skin.

Elite Mineral Foundation in Medium Beige

Medium Beige is for those with medium skin tone with warm undertones. This is lighter than Honey Beige and darker than Natural.

Elite Mineral Foundation in Medium Tan

Medium Tan is Darker than Sun Tan foundation but lighter than Toast. It works wonders for those with medium tan skin with warm undertones. 

Elite Mineral Foundation in Deep

Deep is a foundation with subtle hints of red. This goes well on medium dark skin tones.

Elite Mineral Foundation in Chocolate

Chocolate is a medium dark brown foundation that goes well if you have hints of red and gold in your skin tone.

Each foundation comes in durable transparent twist cap pot with a rubber sifter. You can use the cap to tap the foundation in for every use. Each content has:

Weight: 0.3 oz/ 9-10 g. 
Volume: 30 g. 
Price: $19.99

You can check the other foundation shades at http://www.mineralmakeupme.com. When you click on each product it will show you some info and below it they have suggested kits for shades of concealer, mineral veil, blushes, and bronzers that matches with every foundation shade so it's very helpful if you're unsure which shade will work best with each other. 

They also have good quality concealers, finishing powder, bronzers, blushes, eyeshadow, primers, and lip products available so do check it out!



  1. Very interesting! The only mineral makeup I've tried so far is Ellana's sample pack. :P

    1. I've also tried Ellana before and I think it was okay :)

  2. Nice. I didn't like Ellana cause it broke me out in whiteheads. :S

    1. Oh that's too bad :(. I thought it was okay but I didn't buy more after trying one product


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