Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Elite Mineral Makeup in Action

I was supposed to do this post yesterday but I just can't help myself after trying the foundation first. I loved it so much that I had to take photos. Here are the products that I got from Elite Mineral. The one on the top left is the mineral eye primer which is a sticky base makeup which I think is so perfect! You don't need to use a primer and a sticky base for your eyeshadow because this product has it all! The product next to the primer is the mineral foundation and I got one in Natural. Third one on the lower left is the eyeshadow which doubles as a blush in Candy Girl Shade. Then the last product on the lower right is the bronzer/blush in Caramel.

Eye primer / Foundation / Eye Shadow / Bronzer


Caramel / Candy Girl

I won't be too in depth for now on these products and will save it all on my review. For now I just want to show you Elite Mineral in action. I used all the products and created a simple day look. I wasn't actually planning on doing anything special because I was only testing it out on myself so this look is very simple. I have Revlon's brow pencil on my brows, Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume in my lashes, and Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart on my lips. 

I didn't have to use any concealer on this look because the foundation took care of it. I love how it made the look so natural and glowy with just very little amount. As long as I don't break out this product I must say is a must have! Very fine, easy to blend, unscented, and buildable. It blended with my skin really well and so far no itching nor stinging. After 5 hours I still don't see a need to blot my face :D which is GOOD!

I'll doing an in depth review on each of these products so stay tuned :).



  1. The eyeshadow is so beautiful! I love the sheen on it!

    1. Yeah I really like it. You can also use it as a blush and I think it will look very lovely! :)

  2. Loving the eyeshadow! :D The primer is interesting! :D

    1. It really is! I was so excited about this because it's a primer that I have always wanted: in skin tone and sticky so it's perfect for all eye shadow shades :D

  3. Thanks, Sharon A, for showing us this! Do you know if Elite company is still running? I really wanted to buy their products but when I contacted them several times I got no reply and was also disappointed to see that shipping in U.S. costs $33 for 2 mineral just doesn't seem right!

    Any help on this really appreciated!


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