Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Top 10 The Face Shop Nail Polish for 2011

I see some posts around beauty blogs on their top 10 products and I thought of doing mine per category. Since I love nail polishes so much, I'm doing this post first! I have a bunch of nail polishes from my 2011 purchases and it's not easy to narrow it down to just 10. 95% of my nail color collection is from TFS so I selected all the colors from the TFS polishes.

I'm attaching the link to my reviews on every polish mentioned on this post in case you want to check the swatches and what I think about every polish.  Choosing the best among these 10 polishes is not easy because I love them all. However, if I have to choose the color I loved the most on my nails, so here they are:

these colors are just gorgeous!

BR801 / PP409 / BL604 / OR203 / RD303

1) BL604
I love this the most because my nails looked so elegant on this polish. It's a deep blue nail polish that is a good alternative to black if you don't like wearing a very black polish. It didn't last long on my nails when I first tried it because I was using LA Colors base which I didn't work well with TFS nail polishes. I wore this shade again some time last year and it lasted a long time without chipping. 

2) RD303
This is the deep red color which is just gorgeous as well. It's a lovely color to wear if you want to beautify your nails. It looks especially pretty on fair to medium skin tone. 

3) RD301
It's a red-orange polish with gold glitters on. It's  a little more pricey but it just looks gorgeous and easy to apply! 

4) BK901
This is my first crackle polish and I have to say that I really like it. It's a black crackle polish which is a little pricey compared to the regular TFS nail polishes but I think it's worth it as this gives a pretty nail art without all the hard work :).

5) BR801
I really love this sheer beige nail color! It looks lovely on the nails and perfect for any occasion and even wedding because it gives the nails a very elegant look! 

i love colors! the black one is a crackle polish

RD301 / GR502 / PK105 / BK901 / RD301

6) OR203
This is a very sheer and super gorgeous orange nail color! The sheer effect makes it very wearable and is perfect for the summer and this year when tangerine tango color is IN! 

7) PK105
This is another cute summer nail color in candy pink! I love pink so much and I'm just in love with this color! 

8) GR502
This I believe is my first green nail polish and I so much love it! It's so flattering and made me fall in love with my own nails LOL!

9) RD301
It's a very lovely red orange shade that will give the nails a nice flush! It's also a good shade to wear this year because it's the fashion color for 2012. I can also see myself wearing this for the summer :)

10) PP409
It's a nice purple-y blue 2 tone shade polish. I like the effect of this polish on my nails as it changes color especially on a high lighting environment, and it's really pigmented and quick drying. 

So there you have it! My favorite nail polish shades from my 2011 purchases. I have a few more to review so stay tuned nail color addicts! :D. 



  1. bl604 is my favorite color as well. it reminds me of night sky. purple and blue glitters. really dramatic.

  2. Yeah I love how dramatic it is. Should look great on anyone :). Thanks Ynell!


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