Friday, January 6, 2012

Almay Bright Eyes Cream to Powder Shadow 130 Nude

This review is on the Almay Bright Eyes Cream to Powder Shadow 130 Nude. It contains 3.1 grams of shadow and has 2 shades. One is a golden-y champagne lid color which is very pretty, and the other one is a pearly cream lid color that's perfect for highlight. I love cream to powder eyeshadows because they are easy to work with. It's my go to shadow when I am pressed for time or on the road since it's very easy to apply and I don't need to use a brush anymore. I currently have the cream to powder shadow from Revlon but I love the colors and the effect of these shadows a little more :D. This is for light to medium skin tones. 

cute packaging!

As you can see on the swatch, the colors are really good. They are the perfect nude colors to use for everyday! It brightens up and accentuates the eyes especially when you use the lighter shade on the inner corner. I love how it makes the eyes look radiant and revitalized. The formula is very creamy and lightweight so you hardly feel you have it on your lids. You can use it alone or as a base color to add depth to the shadow. The consistency is very creamy and silky, you can see the gorgeous gold shimmers with just one swatch. It's very pigmented that I only need to apply a thin layer for the color to pick up. 

Almay Bright Eyes  130 Nude Swatch

very pretty lid color!

I make sure to prime my lids first and apply powder on top of it before applying this because unfortunately it creases in a matter of minutes :(. It's a cream to powder shadow but I think it's a little bit too oily compared to Revlon's. I'm just glad that I can still use it as a base color and highlighter so it's not really a total waste :). 

Overall I like this product as a highlighter and as base color. I just cannot use this alone as shadow because creates a mess. This would have been the perfect duo for the summer if not for the creasing because it gives a natural glow to the eyes. However, this sure will melt on the lid even with primer and a powder base under the sun. 

My verdict: 2.5 STARS!!! 



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