Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Face Shop Nail Polish YL702

Good day to you all. I have another The Face Shop Nail Polish review for you and it's on the YL702 which is a sheer bright sunny yellow nail color. I got this even before the buy 2 take 1 promotion of TFS on December so I thought of doing this first and write about the other 2 later on.

nail polish shade info and ingredients

I love the color because it's so vibrant and very much wearable. I think it's a great shade to wear for this time of the year when the weather is nice and summer is near. It's more like a mango yellow color which will suit fair skin really well. I'm thrilled that it made my hands look pinkish :D. 

It's very sheer, watery, and a little streaky. The application was easy as it just glides on the nails because of the consistency. However, the watery consistency is also making the product streaky so I had to remove it and reapply. The second application was easy enough after learning from the first use. It only took me about 3 - 5 minutes to finish the application as it dried pretty quickly and bubble free, which is exactly what I love about The Face Shop Nail Polish!


The Face Shop Nail Polish YL702 swatch

The nail polish is very true to it's color on the bottle. I only had to swatch it twice to achieve this vibrant color. It's still sheer after 2 coats but I like it this way as I know this will last longer on my nails. I skipped the top coat as it's already shiny for my liking. Most of The Face Shop Nail Polishes work the same as far as pigmentation, quick drying, and staying power. They are pretty much consistent with their quality so I like it that I already know what to expect from their nail colors. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! I recommend this to anyone who like colors on their polishes. 



  1. The thing I dont like about Face Shop polishes is that they dry too quickly and get thick even when they're in the bottle. It gets frustrating, I feel like I've wasted money.


  2. Oh sorry to hear that. So far none of my TFS nail polishes have dried out :).

    1. me too. :) i can still use my polish even on its last drop..LOL

    2. Hi Anonymous! So far I'm lucky with my old polishes too :)

  3. 5 stars indeed!

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    maybe we can keep in touch via GFC

  4. i have this color on my nails now!! haha! i agree with you that it's a bit streaky! i had to put 3 coats to achieve the yellow shade i like :)

  5. Hello Hazel! It's a very nice shade right? Thanks for leaving a comment :D


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