Sunday, February 12, 2012

IN2IT Water Proof Eye Color Collection 02 Jester

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, who's excited?! I've  had this quad for months now but didn't find a use to it yet because I'm more of a neutral eye look person and I was waiting for the right moment or occasion. Until recently I have seen loads of V-day makeup look which uses pink shadows so I thought of trying this quad out and see how I like it. I thought these colors are surely nice to use for a V-Day makeup look. I'm still undecided though if I'm using this for the look that I am planning to do or the pinkish matte shades from my ELF 32-piece warm palette which are as lovely! So before I post my version on Valentine makeup, I'll write a review of this eyeshadow quad first. 


back with direction and list of ingredients

The packaging is a white plastic palette which I find very neat and cute. It's quite sturdy and compact and you know your shadows aren't going to shatter in your makeup bag. The mirror is rather big which I like as it makes your life easy during touch up :), but it doesn't come with an applicator. I don't really use those but I think it's just nice to have in there in case you need it when on the road. 

IN2IT Water Proof Eye Color Collection 02 Jester

It comes with a shimmery peachy pink shadow, a pink one, and a brownish pink that is great for outer corners, and of course a satin cream color for the brow bone. It contains moisturizers, wild mango, and vitamin e. It's is a waterproof shadow so it doesn't come off easy, but it does wash away if you rub it off. It's not powdery like the regular shadows because it's water resistant so it's not easy to blend.

Jester swatch from the top left

The color pay off on the first swatch looks pigmented but it doesn't show up on the lids that way as you can't really push the product too much on the lids. You can build up the colors but then again you can only apply as much without making your eyes look cakey. A cream base will help to make the color to pick up easier.

I truly like the color combination because it allows you to create a beautiful rosy smokey eye with just one quad. Looking at the photo above, it really looks lovely. However, I don't enjoy the extra effort just to make the color show up nicely. I just think that it shouldn't be that hard. If you want a pinkish flush of color for day time use, this will do. 

Value for money is okay but there are better eyeshadows for the price. This is my fourth eyeshadow from IN2IT and I think this will be my last for now until I find better textures. 

My verdict: 3 STARS!!!



  1. Cute colors. Sana lang better quality...

    1. Oo nga eh. I really like the colors. Yun nga lang kinda difficult to work with :(


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