Thursday, February 2, 2012

JML Pro Ceramic Straighteners

I've been longing to get this hair straightener since last year but I always thought it's not a necessary so I let it pass. I have bought inexpensive ones but they are not really that good and takes me a long time to straighten my hair. I have baby thin frizzy hair so most of the time pull my hair back because it's more manageable that way and doesn't eat up all my time :D. 

I'm not so good at hair styling at all. I wish I am because I'm just envious of girls who can do their hair and style it the way they want. I seriously don't even know how to control my unruly hair with a hair dryer :(. The purpose of my hair dryer is to dry my hair and that's it, LOL! Until recently I got tempted to get this tool and I'm glad I did! At first I thought it's expensive but after using it for a few days now, I think it's a really good investment. 

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straightener with user manual

It's a very slim, sleek, and light-weight hair iron which is important and beneficial when styling the hair. Its solid ceramic straightener glides smoothly and gives a beautifully straight hair in minutes! It heats up in about 5 seconds which I think is amazing. With this iron, I can tame my frizzy hair in 5 minutes :D! It has an automatic temperature control so you won't be able to control the heat manually as others may prefer. I don't mind it because so far the heat is enough for me. This is really easy to use because of the 2 meter swivel cable cord so it allows you to move around. It feels durable and heavy duty on the hands and I really like that. The plug is not the traditional 2 prong one we use in the country so you'll need a 3 prong plug adapter which you can get from ace hardware or handy man. One more thing is they offer lifetime warranty, what more can I ask for?!

This is the first solid ceramic hair straightener I have got and I'm really happy about it. It's a little pricey for someone who doesn't style her hair too much but I don't it's really a good investment. When I get better at hair styling, I may get the more expensive one which I can use even on wet hair but for now, I'm happy and satisfied with this product, and I can see myself using this for a long while. 

My verdict: 5 STARS!!!

If you're using this same hair iron, let me know what you think of it :). I hope you have a good night/day and I'll talk to you again soon! 



  1. I have the exact same thing. I love it! My hair is too curly though so it takes me a while to straighten my hair. We're totally the same, my hair dryer is only for ... drying my hair! Haha!


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    1. LOL! I wish one day I can be good at hair styling :). I'm really loving this hair iron everyday. It has made my life easier :D

  2. It gives fabulous curls, too! I bought it for this reason. lol.

    1. Wish I knew how to curl my hair using a straightener too :). It's nice to wear curls from time to time :D


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