Thursday, June 21, 2012

How I Care, Trim, and Groom My Nails

I have so many catching up to do on my blog. I scheduled a few product reviews for this month but didn't have the time to do it. I missed a lot because my first two week of June was pretty crazy and now that I'm back, I'm also busy with work. So I'm just taking a few minutes off from work to write this requested post which I know is so overdue .Sorry if it took me a while to put this together Arra. I guess better late than never? :D I also had to grow my nails, so I can take pictures and share with you all.

What I use:
1) Nail Cutter (a bigger one is better)
2) Nail file
3) Nail buffer
4) EVOO (optional)

EVOO, nail buffer, nail file, nail cutter


1) Wash the nails before trimming them. This will make the cutting easier, and the nails don't split easily


2) Hold the nail cutter straight to the nails and then cut them. Using a big nail cutter makes the trimming and shaping easy
after cutting it straight

3) Use the nail file to softly grind down and shape the edges of the nails. We want a square shape so just file the rough edges and you're good to go.

after filing the edges

4) Use the rough side of the nail buffer to clean the nails instead of using a pusher. Then use the soft side of the buffer to give it a healthy shine

after using the buffer

5) Massage EVOO onto the nails and hands to moisturize it. Newly trimmed nails are prone to breaking and moisturizing it helps to make it healthier and avoid chipping.

nails moisturized with EVOO

I've always had clear and thin nails since I was little, and I didn't like that it always breaks, and I cannot make them grow longer. Until I decided that I've had enough of brittle and weak nails, and I want to do something about it already. 


1) I always wash my hands before cutting my nails as it makes trimming go softer and easier. It also doesn't break the nails when cutting it.
2) I don't get manicures, instead I do my own nails. I don't like getting my nails pushed as it often makes them thinner. I only use nail buffer to clean and give my nails a healthy shine. If I do need to get my nails done, I bring my own tools.
3) I cut my nails straight across because pointed nails can break easily, and it's more prone to chipping. Using a big nail cutter helps to make the shape more straight.
4) I massage Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Oil on my hands and nails after grooming them to moisturize it. I also use olive oil instead of hand cream as my daily skin lotion because the nails and skin absorb EVOO so it keeps them stronger and softer.
5) I don't ever wear nail polish without a primer. Doing so will prevent the nails from drying and protect it from the strong chemicals.
6) I make sure to change nail colors every 5-6 days, and give my nails a day or two to breathe before I apply another nail color.
7) I don't use acetone-based remover as it can dry, weaken, and make the nails brittle and break easily.

I hope this post helps :).



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