Friday, August 17, 2012

ELF Cover Everything Concealer

Hello everyone! Today I have another Elf Cosmetics review, and this is on the Elf Cover Everything Concealer in Light. It's a new product they launched early this year, but it only reached my area last week :(. I have been seeing this online, and I was dying to try it. It's on a new type of flip top packaging which I think is nice and clean; however, it's a little flimsy so you have to be careful not to drop it. It retails at P199.75 locally, or $2 from the website. I've used this concealer for a week now, and it's time to review it.

ELF Cover Everything Concealer

They only had it in two shades, which is light and yellow, but I think there are more in some areas. I wanted to get yellow too but with Elf being a hit and miss brand, I wanted to test it out first to see how it goes. From the packaging, it appears like the shade is not a good match for me because it seems darker, but when you apply it, the color is really light, and managed to brighten my eye area well after setting it with loose powder.

ELF Cover Everything Concealer in Light

The consistency of this concealer is thick, and greasy. It doesn't blend well even with a face primer underneath. I tried using an eye primer, but it's no good either. It doesn't go on smoothly. It's sticky, and pulls the skin under my eyes. Pushing and patting it onto the skin alone doesn't work as it settles into the fine lines, so you have to blend it with a brush. It's patchy and flaky, especially when applied around the nose. You need to set this with powder asap, otherwise it will crease. I pat the powder onto the area where I applied it, and lightly blend so it appears natural and avoid caking. It looks okay after you set it with a powder. 

ELF Cover Everything Concealer in Light Hand Swatch

ELF Cover Everything Concealer in Light when blended

This doesn't stay on for more than 3hrs on me, especially if it's hot and humid. If you're indoors and in a cool area, it can last up to 5hrs. It melts and creases, and I have to lightly powder the creased area to clean it up. The coverage isn't very good so if you're looking for a medium to full-coverage concealer, this isn't for you. I prefer using this under the eyes, and lids versus spot concealing and covering imperfections. I have oily skin so it may work better to those with normal/combination skin. It may be a little too pink if you are warm toned, so I recommend you try the tester first for color matching. For reference, I have yellow and slightly pink undertones (neutral) so the shade worked just fine for me.

Overall, this concealer didn't live up to my expectation. I thought this was going to be better because it costs more than the other essential products. I wanted to like it because I love elf, but this one is a clear MISS to me. There's always a first, right?! I'll post a FOTD wearing this concealer soon.

My verdict: 2 STARS!!! Have you tried this concealer yet? Let me know what you think :)

Apparently using a damp flat eyeshadow brush helps to blend this concealer smoothly. It still lacks coverage but the application is not as difficult anymore, especially under the eyes. Just thought you all should know!



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