Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Changing Lip Balm

Don't you ever get tired of using lipstick sometimes that all you want is a tinted lip balm on your lips? I have my lazy days too and when that feeling kicks in, I turn to my lip balm. This review is on the Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Changing Lip Balm in Peach Blossom, which is a very inexpensive product that you can get from any department store or Watsons. 


Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Changing Lip Balm Ingredients

What Maybelline Says:

Discover creamy white balm that blossoms on contact with lips to create your own made to measure sensationally sheer pink color. Lips look instantly revived, fresh, and so healthy. Enriched with Pro Vitamin E, known as natural antioxidant and Jojoba Oil, lips are continuously nourished making them so soft, smooth, and naturally gorgeous.

I love the sleek packaging because it's very portable. I can just stick it into my pocket, and I'm good. I like that the stick isn't very soft, so I can rub it a few times without melting it. It's not sticky, but I find it a little greasier than most lip balms, which is totally fine by me, but I think maybe too much for others, especially if you don't like wearing a lip gloss. I think this won't suffice the needs of those with very dry lips though as I find that the hydration, it provides is just right. It comes with spf 16 which is pretty decent so you can keep your lips protected from sun damage. It's tasteless, but it has a faint scent that I don't enjoy, and gives me a headache sometimes.

hand swatch after 5 swipes

The balm is white but turns into a sheer peach tint when you apply it. The color adjusts to the acidiy of your lips so the color varies from person to person. It comes out light peach after about 3 swipes and stronger after about 6 swipes. You can, however, build it up if you want more color, but that can be uncomfortable on the lips. The main reason why I got this lip balm is to protect my lips from any damaging factor and to give my lips a hint of tint. It performed well on keeping my lips smooth, but I don't quite like that I have to rub it a few times just to get the peachy color that I want to come out.

My verdict: 3 STARS!!! It didn't quite serve its purpose, and I could have gotten a cheaper one for the price if I was only looking for a moisturizing lip balm. My oldie but goodie Maybelline Lip Smooth Color and Care Lip Balm Cranberry Jam gives better tint in just 1 swipe. I should probably just get another shade next time.

Have you tried this lip balm yet? Let me know what you think! :D



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