Thursday, January 17, 2013

Makeup for Photography

Great-looking photo is not only about the photographer’s skill. Your makeup has a share on that too. Have you ever looked at your old photos and wished your makeup looked better? We all want to look fabulous in pictures, but some of us may not know how to do it right. Everyday makeup will not be enough for photography, but with these tips and tricks, you’re on your way to looking your best in pictures! 

Flawless Canvass
Nobody likes patchy and cakey makeup, and surely not oily face. So if you want any of these, you have to use a primer. It fills the fine lines and pores to make your foundation blend easily and appear flawless; helps control your facial oil, and keep the makeup in place making you look fresher longer.

After you have allowed your primer to set, apply a thin layer of medium to high coverage foundation, and add another one if needed. Go for matte instead of a dewy finish as shinny skin doesn’t look pretty in pictures. Make sure that you blend it well either with a damp sponge or a brush. Warm toned foundation looks better in flash photography because it makes you look more youthful and radiant, contrary to pink toned, which can make you look pale. Remember to use a foundation that exactly matches your skin or a shade darker, never lighter, because it will wash you out when the flash goes off. Conceal dark spots only where needed, and set the face makeup with a yellow toned loose powder as white translucent powder leaves a white cast in photos.

The Eyes
The eyebrows frame the face so make sure that you groom and fill it in. Use a primer to keep the eye makeup in place and from smudging. When lining the upper lash line, use liquid eyeliner instead of a pencil as it defines the eyes better. Always, always curl the lashes as it makes the eyes look more awake and bigger. Apply 2-3 coats of waterproof mascara, but be careful not to clump the lashes because the camera picks up every detail. If you can, use falsies as they always look great in pictures.

No Shimmer!
Matte shadows and blushes always look good in pictures. Avoid shimmers or glitters as they can make you look greasy, especially on blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. As much as we love shimmers, we'll just have to use it on another time.

The Right Colors
Pastels will wash you out so avoid them. The camera loves browns, reds, charcoal, gold, dusty shades and tans. Bold colors look good on pictures, but it's also easier to spot if it's not applied to correctly so make sure you don't overdo them, and blend away! Harsh edges aren't pretty.

Contour and Highlight
It’s easy to look washed out in pictures so contouring and highlighting will greatly help in adding dimension and color back to your face. Never use a shimmer bronzer, and choose a shade that’s not muddy, otherwise it will look unnatural. Blend it with softly a big brush, so there are no harsh edges. If highlighting, choose a liquid or a cream one, as the camera picks it up better and makes you appear naturally radiant. For the lips, apply highlighter on the cupid's bow to make the lips stand out and appear fuller and pouty. Alternatively, just top your lipstick with a clear gloss.

Seek the Light
Artificial light can be deceiving so always apply your makeup in natural light to get the right color you paint on your face. You will look great anywhere else if you look good on natural light.

I am no expert on flash photography, but I have definitely learned from years of getting my photos taken, and I hope it helps you too :). 

I have been very busy after the holidays catching up on work and a lot of personal stuff thus the absence. I feel guilty that I haven't been spending time here since last year. I hope I can do better starting this month. I have so many new products to review, and I'm finding time to putting them up soon.

Thank you to everyone who continues to visit my blog despite my absence and lack of recent activity here. I really appreciate your support! To my new blog followers, welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you for making it a part of your day ♥.

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