Friday, May 24, 2013

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR506

It's been awhile since I posted a review on The Face Shop Nail Polish. I already have a few to go through, but this is the first one on my list because it's more appropriate for summer. I have been using this nail color for 3 straight weeks since I got it! It's a very pretty teal color that's perfect for the season. I have used it on my last nail art, and I love it a lot! This is the Lovely:ME EX Nails, and the shade is GR506. You can get it from any The Face Shop Store for P95.

The Face Shop Nail Polish GR506

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish GR506

Without Flash 

The color is just so pretty! 

I love how it adds a pop of color on the nails and gives it a fun vibe. It brightens the skin too so I can see this working on any skin tone. It's very true to its color as you can see in the photos above. This particular product is thicker than their regular TFS Nail Polish so it's more opaque, dries quickly on the brush but slower when applied to the nails because of the consistency. I normally apply 2-3 coats, and I'm good, but I always make sure that I allow enough drying time in between layers to prevent bubbles. It also makes the nail polish last longer and not chip quickly. It has a slight gloss already so you can skip the top coat, but if you want it glossier and have a cleaner look, feel free to apply a top coat. This isn't streaky so it's easy to apply.

Really love how cute the color is 

Just ignore the mess around my nails :)

Drying time is okay but not the quickest. I normally wait about 3 minutes in between coats and 5-10 minutes for it to be completely dry, (depending on how much product I apply on each layer) when I'm done with the final coat, which is not bad at all. If you're too impatient to wait that long, which I sometimes am, I recommend you use Seche Vite Top Coat! I bought a mini one last month, and it's seriously amazing and worth the price, and the hype! The small bottle will last you a long time so it's really worth it. I'll write up another review on that soon.

Still The Face Shop Nail Polish is my favorite brand of nail color to use because they have amazing color selection, very inexpensive, and last long. They also have more expensive nails polishes, which are smoother, longer lasting, and better quality like the Face It and the Wide ones. For the record, this isn't a sponsored post. I just love the brand and their products :).

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until my next blog post! Take care! ♥



  1. i got blue, pink and purple one

  2. Love the color! did u try the mint one too?

  3. I have a mint green polish from the same line GR501 :). Is this the one you're referring to? If not, is it good? :D

  4. Yeah, it is even prettier in person :)

  5. Love the color but is this streaky to apply?


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