Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation Demo and Review

During summer time, I always use mineral foundation because it's longer lasting and normally sweat proof. I have been wanting to try this Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation for so long and only decided to get it this time. I got it in M107 Beige Ocre, which is a shade lighter but my face is naturally lighter than my neck because it doesn't really "burn" like the rest of my body. I have neutral undertones on my face but generally, have yellow skin. I wanted to try to see how I like a darker shade foundation to match my neck, and it's not bad, just different and very new to me. Anyway, I think this only comes in four shades, and the lightest is Light Ocre. I believe the other shades are Almond and Medium, but I'm not 100% certain. It comes in a twist cap plastic container with a sifter and 6grams of product for only P249. It has SPF15, which is good and a must have especially during summer.

Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation M107 Beige Ocre

Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation M107 Beige Ocre

The powder isn't finely milled because you can feel tiny grains when you rub it on your skin, but it doesn't scratch the skin at all. It glides on the skin when you apply it, and it's easy to blend. It's a light coverage foundation but buildable to medium as long as you have a good base for the powder to stick on to, just like any regular mineral foundation. If you use this alone, it will only offer minimal coverage like a pressed powder. It has a good yellow undertone to it so it brightens up the face and neutralizes any redness on the skin. It doesn't cake or crease and can definitely stand the heat and sweat!

Here are some photos that I took using this foundation:

There's no flashback, which is good; however, it contains light reflective minerals that can make the skin look oily in photos. In person, though this foundation makes your skin look luminous, healthy, and glowing. If you have a darker skin tone than I do, you can even use this to highlight the tops of your cheeks, brow bone, inner corner, and bridge of your nose. I use this foundation to set my Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation instead of applying it alone, and the combination is really good. It gives a spotless and luminous coverage! I'm seriously liking how my face and neck have the same color even in flash photography, just that I'm still not used to seeing my face darker than it is :). After using it for more than a month now, it hasn't broken me out or caused any itchiness on my skin.

Here's a demo video:

I really love this foundation. I've been using it more often than I thought I would. I didn't actually have high hopes for this foundation, but I ended up loving. It may not work as good on others as it did on me because each person's skin works differently. If you're on a tight budget and want to try a mineral foundation, this one is worth the try. You can seldom find a product that as good as this for the price. It's really worth checking out, in my opinion. I believe it retails at P300, but you can wait for it to go on sale for P250 :). I sure will get the Light Ocre next time!


I wore this today with my Celetech Sun Care Matte Moisturizer, and it worked amazingly. It offered medium coverage which I could barely feel on my skin. It was a little hot today, and it didn't melt at all. I'm really in love with this foundation, and I am certainly getting the Light Ocre this week :D.



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