Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boracay Getaway

It has been my dream to spend 3 days in this lovely paradise with the family and I finally did! The vacation was a blast but also a tiring journey. It's all worth it though once you set foot in the tropical paradise. I was all work before and didn't have time for leisure so having to spend 3 days away from every thing that has been keeping me busy for a long time is really satisfying.

The travel started with an hour fast craft boat ride to Iloilo City. The round trip tourist ticket costs P399 ($9) which is not bad since it is a very comfortable and safe trip. After an hour, we reached Iloilo City and took a cab ride to the Tagbak Bus Terminal that cost P170 ($4). If you haven't got too many baggages, you can take a jeepney from the terminal for P7 ($.015) to Jaro Plaza and transfer to a Leganes jeepney to Tagbak Bus Terminal for the same fare cost. From the terminal you have the option to take a Van or Bus ride to Caticlan via Roxas City. I suggest that you take the Bus though because it is safer. The aircon bus fare costs P332 ($4.50) to Caticlan which will take 5-6 hour long and tiring journey. One piece of advice, don't eat or drink too much for the bus only take 2 stop overs every 2 and a half hours so you can go to the bathroom. The bus will drop you off to the Caticlan port where you can take another boat ride to the Boracay Island. You can take the fast craft or pump boat ride. The fast craft costs P155 ($3.50) and leaves after every 30 minutes. The pump boat fare costs P150 ($3.50) and leaves every 45 minutes. After arriving to the Island of Boracay, you can take a pedicab to the resort for P20 ($0.45). So to sum it all up, the total fare cost to Boracay is P1, 076 ($24) including fast craft boat ride back to Bacolod City which is really not bad. If you want to cut cost and take a jeepney ride on your way to the Bus Terminal, that will only cost you P920 ($20.50) which is already cheap considering that you are going to have an incredible experience when you get to the island.

There are plenty of rooms available especially when it is off season when we got there. The family room only cost P2000 ($44.50) a day that is good for 10 people. It is fully air conditioned, has hot and cold bath, catv, refrigerator, balcony, and kitchen where you can cook your food to even cut down the cost of your vacation. Don't worry about accommodations when going there during off season because there are plenty to choose from, especially when you stay in Station 3 where rooms are more affordable. Our room was 2 minute walk away from D' Talipapa (wet market) in Station 2 where you can buy fresh seafoods and other cooking needs. If you don't want to spend time cooking, there is also a cooking service available around the area. You buy the food in the market and pay to have it cooked. It's very convenient and you can save a lot of time. The foods are fresh and also very reasonable. You wouldn't feel like you are in a world class beach resort.

There is so much to do when you are in the island. There is helmet diving for P400 ($9), and island hopping and snorkeling for P2000 ($45) good for 20 people which is a steal. Seeing the different parts of the island is a tremendous experience. If you like malling, D' Mall is the place for you. If you think that the prices are higher in Boracay, think again! They are unbelievably cheap. The prices are almost the same as the ones in the mall which quite a shock. You can shop till you drop because there is so much to buy. The souvenirs are very affordable and of great quality! I couldn't believe how cheap the prices are which is great to encourage more people to experience Boracay. If you love the night life, you can enjoy an affordable eat all you can seafood buffet dinner at P295 ($6.50) with live band on the side and some fire dance.

Life in Boracay is great! I never wanted to go home and get back to reality. When you are in the island, you forget about all the things you worry about. I hope to go back really soon! Too bad though I didn't bring my camera and all the pictures we have taken are in my brother in laws so I couldn't post my own here. I will add some more photos really soon. In the mean time here are some images off google for you all who haven't heard of Boracay yet to see how amazing this island is!



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