Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Bieber Fever

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? I am! I wasn't really a big fan of him before. I thought his music are really good and catchy. Everything changed when I noticed his resemblance with Paul Wesley. I am crazy over The Vampire Diaries since it started last year. Each episode is thrilling and very exciting and that's the reason why I am hooked to it badly :). I think the effects, story, and cast is better than Twilight, but then again that's just me.

Let's go back to Justin Bieber now. I feel sorry for this kid because he's a great artist but many people just don't like him. I don't understand why they need to personally attack him. He makes people happy, especially the kids! And I think he's an adorable boy so I don't see any reason for the haters to not like him. Just Bieber is working so hard for what he has and I think we should admire him for that. He's young and very successful. I wish the haters just give him a break and see him for his talent.

If you see the image above, you'll notice the resemblance of both artist. I like Paul Wesley a lot since his FALLEN days and now I like Justin Bieber too. His songs and music videos are cute and I look forward for more.


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