Monday, January 17, 2011

Cover Girl Wetslicks and Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine Review

I love lip gloss as much as I adore lipstick and recently bought a few that I really like. I got 2 Cover Girl Wet Slicks and 3 Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine. I am so much into pink and neutral tone lip colors as they are easy to wear at anytime.

I got one Cover Girl Wetslicks in Fire Fly #325 and Cover Girl Wetslicks Crystals in Sassy #430. Fire fly has shimmers to it which I think will just complement any skin tone. Sassy has crystals on it which is really fun to wear at any time of the day. The colors are amazing, it's very pigmented, moisturizing, and long wearing. I don't feel like it's too greasy to wear alone and not heavy on the lips when worn on top of a lipstick. It smells like vanilla which is a plus because who would want to wear a lip product that has an unpleasant smell, right? I love the pigmentation because what you see is what you really get when you apply it on your lips. The staying power is also good as it doesn't completely come off when you eat. It leaves a little hint of color in your lips which I don't get when I use other lip products, unless it's a long wearing lip gloss. It doesn't dry my lips as well, instead it keeps it soft and smooth. It has a good packaging and the wand is just the right size to hold enough product for every application.

Below are swatches of the product. It does look washed off in the picture but it looks a lot more pigmented that what it shows.

Then I got a few Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine which has become very famous because it only costs a dollar yet it the quality is not compromised. The glosses come in SPF15 and smells really good. I love that it's also pigmented and very moisturizing. When I first applied it on my lips, I was a little surprised and impressed of the quality. I thought it was going to be a gloss that is good for its price but it went beyond my expectations. It has become one of my go to lip glosses recently. I can just wear it alone or on top of my lipstick. There are other affordable lip glosses out there but ELF has set itself beyond its range. Another good thing I love about this gloss is it's not greasy and it tastes good too! I don't feel uncomfortable using it because the smell is fruity and sweet.

I just hope they have more colors available because currently there are only 7 colors to choose from. I love these lip glosses and I am definitely buying some more colors. The product comes in a squeeze tube which I like because I can just get the amount I need and not contaminate the product. Although when I opened the candlelight gloss, the tube tip was damaged and the gloss comes out of that damaged tip which is kind of a bummer. I watched a review in youtube once with the same damaged packaging problem. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that it's an excellent product and I am buying some more soon.

That concludes my short review of these lip glosses. I don't really have anything bad to say about these products because I just love them a lot. It's certainly worth the price and more. I hope this helps!



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