Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lip Ice Haul, Swatches, and Review

Hello everyone! I'm on a roll today with all the reviews because it's my day off tomorrow. I don't normally have time to post in my blog because I tend to go out during Sundays. So this is another review on Lip Ice lip products. I love my carmex but I was looking for another alternative that I may like and I came across lip ice. I didn't know that SM has it already and to my excitement, I purchased 3 different products. I got the mentholatum lip balm in strawberry, a color lip balm, and a color gloss.

Mentholatum Lip Ice in Strawberry

The mentholatum lip balm gives a cooling sensation in your lips just like carmex but a little less strong. It's a clear lip balm unlike the sheer lip balm version. What I love about it is it's very moisturizing. It doesn't leave a greasy feel on the lips and I like that a lot. It also provides coolness to the lips which I find very comforting. Another good thing about this lip balm is it has SPF15 which protects the lips from the damaging effects of sunlight. It retails at P89 in Watson's. 

Lip Ice Color Lip Balm in Candy Apple

With Lip Ice Color Lip Balm in Candy Apple

This one really got my attention because I like how slender and clean the packaging is. You can just fit it into your pocket very well. It's a color lip balm which means it gives color like a lipstick but has the moisturizing and soothing effect of a lip balm. It contains vitamin e, lanolin, meadowfoam seed oil, and mango seed butter to keep the lips soft and moisturized. Sometimes it's nice to have this kind of lip product  if you want to give your lips enough time to breathe but still want it to have a nice hint of natural color. No gloss needed because this one has it all. As you can see on the photo it gives a natural hint of tint and moisture to the lips. It also comes with SPF15 for UV protection. This is ideal for teens or those who are allergic to strong ingredients from lipsticks. It retails at P125.

Lip Ice Color Gloss in Candy Apple
Lips just with Lip Ice Color Gloss

Unlike the Color Lip Balm, this one is really sheer and gives a little hint of color but it gives a healthy glossy shine to the lips. It's a good lip gloss to use on top of any lipstick. You may also wear this alone if you like just a little hint of color but glossy lips. This is good for everyday natural look and also ideal for teens who are starting up with makeup. It contains antioxidants from vitamin e and SPF15 that helps maintain a healthy and smooth lips. It comes in a soft squeeze tube and retails at P125.

Hope you enjoy this review! Take Care :D



  1. hi there! i would like to ask if the mentholatum items from above are readily available here in our watsons!? so kewl! ^^ anong branch po yan? thanks much!

  2. hi! i would just like to know what sm branch did you get these mentholatum lip ice products?! thanks much!

  3. Hello there! I think Lip Ice products are available in all Watsons but I could be wrong. I bought mine in SM City Bacolod :D


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