Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loreal Endless Kissable Lip Colour Swatches and Review

Loreal Endless Kissable Lip Colour Roses in Bloom

Here's another review on the L'Oreal Endless Kissable Lip Colour 225 Roses In Bloom. Loreal has a lot of lipstick shades that I really love and this is one of it. This is in Roses in Bloom and as the name says, this is a rose shade lipstick that is just great on any skin tone and good for everyday use. I love the sleek and slender gold packaging as I can just carry it in my pocket and retouch anytime.

Loreal Endless Kissable Lip Colour 225

It says on the package that it's zero-transfer and extreme wear and it's true to its word. I already did a review on Loreal Endless Kissable Lip Colour in Finest Wine #710 before and they work just the same. If you don't want to use a bold lipstick, you will like this one because it's soft and looks very natural. I think this shade is one of the few that I really love on my lips.

One swatch of this lipstick is enough for the color to pick up. It has a satin finish so it looks like you have healthy lips but the moment you have it on though it feels drying. When you retouch, you are adding up to the color that is already on your lips which later makes me feel uncomfortable. It's a little heavy on the lips as the product sticks there really good. However, that makes the lipstick long wearing and this is what this product is all about so I should just stop complaining :). The staying power is remarkable that you can remove it with a tissue but it ain't easy to wipe off. An eye makeup and lipstick remover can clean it well. If you want a long staying lipstick that you can wear to work, gathering, or a meeting this is a good one to try because you will look more polished and you don't need to worry about bleeding lipstick anymore.

I give this product 4 STARS!



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