Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avon Smooth Minerals Mascara Swatches and Review

Avon Smooth Minerals Mascara Black

This is another review of Avon Smooth Minerals Mascara in Black. The special introductory price of this mascara is P259 which I think isn't bad considering that it's a mineral mascara. It's in a plastic tube container that's a little bugger compared to their regular size mascaras. The packaging looks a little cheap but I don't mind it at all because what matters to me is how this mascara is going to work. The handle is glossy so you have a better grip when applying the product on your lashes. The brush is soft and there's only a little space in between bristles so it coats the lashes evenly and it doesn't clump it up unless you apply more than 3 coats then the product builds up on the lashes.

I love that the product isn't as thick as the regular mascara but it can add volume and length to the lashes with just 2 coats. There isn't any strong smell either so I really appreciate that. The brush shape makes it easy to curl the lashes during the application. When I used it on my lashes, I didn't even curl my lashes but it gave it a natural curl which is nice when you are on the go and want to cut the makeup routine down. It isn't very black though so don't expect your lashes to look bold and strong using this mascara. 

I have a baby thin hair and my lashes are very thin as well but this mascara can give it length, curl, and volume that I need for a natural everyday look. If you check out the photos above, you'll see the difference on how my lashes look like with and without the mascara. And I didn't curl my lashes before applying the product but you can see that it has a natural curl making me like this mascara even more. This isn't a waterproof mascara though so you have to be very cautious as it can bleed big time. I like how you can easily remove it with water but you can't be very confident when wearing it because it will make you look like a raccoon in no time :D. You just need to make sure not to wet the eye area when you cry, sweat, or get rained at because this mascara just melts easily. I have used a lot of non-waterproof mascaras from Avon and other brands but they do not bleed this way. It's kind of a bummer but I can still use it as works great in making my lashes look healthier and my eyes more awake. Overall this mascara isn't bad and I am using it more often. I give it 3.5 STARS. I hope this review helps! 



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