Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Review

So for a week and a half now, I have been constantly using these lip balms to see how good it is and how I like it. I actually started with Pink Blast and wanted to test this first for review, but I thought it the Baby Pink wouldn't make much of a difference except for the color, so I decided to use it as well, and I really couldn't tell the difference other than the shade. 

Maybelline claims that this provides instant 8hr moisture with a true to you pink glow. Their exclusive color-blooming technology reacts with your unique lips chemistry to reveal your perfect pink glow. So this means the color may differ from person to person. They both have mixed berry flavor and contains 4grams of product. 

Product info and ingredients list

The first shade is the Pink Blast, which is my favorite of the 2 because it's more pinkish, however, they both add pretty colors on the lips. The more you swipe it on your lips; the color turns into deep berry without putting too many products on the lips, and that's what I love most about it. It's not greasy, which is another great thing about it. 

The next shade is Baby Pink, which is a light pink color but is also buildable if you layer it. I like to use this if I want to sport a 'no makeup' makeup look because it gives a healthy pink glossy finishThis just feels light on the lips so if you're not a fan of wearing a lipstick but wants color on your lips, this is a good one to consider. I like to wear this if I'm running quick errands and still want to look neat.  

Below are the swatches of both lip balms. The one on top is Pink Blast and the one below is the baby Pink. You'll notice that the latter is lighter, but they are pretty close. You'll also see that there isn't too much shininess on the swatch if compared to other lip balms.

Top: Pink Blast on top /Bottom: Baby Pink

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Pink Blast and Baby Pink Swatch

The stick is soft, but it doesn't melt on the lips when you swipe it a lot to build up the color. It feels different than my experience with other lip balms because the scent is very berry, but it's taste less. So it doesn't matter how many layers you put on and how often you apply it, you'll just enjoy it more and more. The scent instantly changes my mood and energizes me, so I have been loving it a lot! For a week and a half, my lips have become softer, and it lightly exfoliates it, and I noticed that my lips have become naturally pinkish, smoother, and healthier. I leave this on my lips overnight, and I wake up with more supple lips! This does moisturize the lips for 8hrs or more if you're indoors. If you're outdoors, however, I would suggest to reapply this quite often to keep the lips hydrated. This doesn't say that it contains SPF, so I wouldn't wear this if it's too hot outside. 

My verdict: 4.5 STARS!!! This is my new favorite lip balm, and I am just in love with it. For only P99, you get a product that not only gives your lips a beautiful natural color but makes it healthier. I always carry it in my purse and my pocket when I am at home. The only downside is it doesn't have SPF, or maybe it does, but it doesn't say on the packaging. 

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  1. Everyone would really have a different pink glow since everyone has different pigmentation in their lips. I really like the color on your swatch, I just hope that it will look the same when swatch in the lips...

    I hope that i'll have naturally pinkish lips too... I'm near to the point of buying one :|

    ~" A Probinsiyana's blog "~


  2. It's so worth it. I never stopped using this lip balm. It gives your lips a fresh and healthy look, especially when you're on the go. It's like a lip tint and lip balm in one :)


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