Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maybelline New York Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

Maybelline New York Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

Hey fellow makeup junkie! I have another review on Maybelline New York Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner. I am not much of an eyeliner person because it makes my eyes look strong but it's surely nice to have just in case. When I do a smokey eye for night time I use this liner and it's easy to apply. If you like winging your eyeliner but don't have a very steady hands or you are new, this is a good product to help you because it's easy to work with and not messy.

The felt is very soft and only carries enough product for application so you don't need to worry about messing up the eye area. This is not waterproof so you can clean it up with a q-tip if you made a mistake or if want to change the shape of your eyes with this liner. Lining very close to your lash line is very possible with this product. You can create a very thin or broader line depending on how you want your eye makeup to look like. Creating a winged line is easy with this product and I like it.

I love this pen eyeliner and I will continue using it. I give this product 4 STARS! Hope you like it too! :)



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