Thursday, May 5, 2011

Watson's Magic Lip Balm Swatches and Review

Watson's Magic Lip Balm

I have used this lip balm since 2004 and I just love it so much. The protection that it gives to the lips is just great at SPF30. I always use this during the summer and on the beach and I've never had issues with dried up, sun burned, or chapped lips because of too much exposure to sunlight before thanks to this product. It doesn't only protect the lips from UVA and UVB rays but it also gives the lips a fresh and pinkish tint. It works just like the Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Conditioner but it has higher SPF and it's cheaper! This product contains vitamins A, C, and E to provide antioxidant benefits and deep moisturization to keep the skin soft and healthy. I got this for P99 at Watson's for 2grams of product. I have a few lip balms but this is my go to lip product when going to the beach during the summer. No need to bring a lip tint and a lip balm because this product has them both.

Watson's Magic Lip Balm

Watson's Magic Lip Balm Swatch

Watson's Magic Lip Balm Swatch

Aside from the protection and the tint, I also love the smell of this lip balm. It has a strawberry scent that makes the application more fun. Also it's long staying and doesn't feel greasy at all like other lip conditioners. If I am feeling lazy, I grab this anytime and I am all set :). I seldom see this available at Watson's and I have been searching for this lip balm for awhile now and at long last I saw it being displayed at the counter last week so I guess it only comes out during the summer. So if you love this product you better buy more than just one like I did lol. 

Above is a swatch of me using this lip balm on my lips and you can see that it appears like I have a lip tint on. It actually looks more pinkish in person but the flash on my camera washed it out a little :(. 

It does work like magic and I give this lip balm 5 STARS!!! Have a wonderful day everyone! Hope you liked this review.



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