Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I am a very big fan of white sand beaches although I never learned how to swim (which is really funny). My friends think that it's weird but I nearly drowned when I was a little girl so I don't want to try anymore. I only what to feel the breeze of fresh air and the comforting feeling of being with nature. We have a lot of beautiful white sand beaches here in the Philippines. And I mean a lot! Funny is I have only been to one white sand beach my entire life, which I think is bizzare. It's just that my family is not a fan of adventure and vacationing away from home (strange). I feel like I already missed a lot. The country has great wonders and I shouldn't be a stranger to my own country. I should explore it and see the beauty of my home land.

There are many beautiful destinations in Cebu that I am dreaming of going to. Malapascua is one of them, as well as the Camotes Island, and Mactan Island. These are remarkably beautiful and incredibly enchanting gifts of nature. If I stayed long enough in Cebu, I would have already explored these islands. Cebu has countless picturesque beaches which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines. I will definitely come back to Cebu for a perfect escapade.

The first white sand beach that I have been with is in Moalboal Cebu. It is an undeveloped private resort and that is what I loved about it. There were no hotels or restaurants in the area so you have to buy and cook your own food which made it more exciting. The beach is fantastic, the water is crystal clear, and the sand is powdery white. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It’s also a tourist destination as the dive spots are amazing. The structure of the whole reef is ideal for snorkeling and free diving as well since the reef drop off is close to shore and shallow.

Next in my list is the beautiful Island of Boracay in Aklan. I have been dreaming to go to boracay since I was in college. 10 years passed and I still haven’t gone to this paradise island because all I do is work. I cannot wait to lay my eyes on its beautiful waters, white sand, and incredible view. This time it’ll be more meaningful because I will be exploring this amazing island with my loved ones. My sister and her family are coming home from Australia; my brother is also vacationing from New Zealand and my cousins from Canada too. This trip is going to be very exciting for us all since this is the first time that we’ll all go out for a family adventure. Just thinking about it already gives me a thrill. The kids will definitely enjoy this trip!

El Nido in Palawan is another dream island getaway. It is a popular vacation place of many celebrities, as well as tourists from foreign countries because it’s undeniably beautiful, clean, and a wonderful place to find peace. If you want to take a trip and rest from all the pressure and stress from the city, this is definitely the place to go. The resorts are active in both reef and island conservation. The management is not only concerned about the business; they are environment friendly too. Its local government and people are uniting to make Palawan not only a tourist destination but also a safe place for every citizen.

In the mean time, the nearest white beach resort that I can enjoy is Punta Bulata in Negros Occidental. This is a popular local holiday getaway because of its clear water, clean sand, and fresh air. The resort offers many amenities for you to have a very comfortable and convenient vacation. If you are up for a spa treatment and massage, they provide a reliable and world class service. You get to unwind from all the stress and relax in peace at an affordable price. What more can you ask for…

The Philippines is a wonderful country and I am proud to be Pinoy!



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