Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely ME: EX Honey BB Cream

I got this Honey BB Cream on my birthday, which is 2 months ago, and I just started using it last week. My mom and sister gave me some shopping money and this is one of the items I bought for myself :). I normally buy samples first before trying the full size product but I couldn't help myself because when I tried it on the store, it felt so good on my skin. I got this for P495 with 35ml of product which is a lot as normally bb creams that cost the same only come in 20ml. So this bb cream is a lot cheaper and a good investment.

What they say:
Honey BB Cream facilitates firmer and tighter "honey" skin, rich in moisture that gorgeous celebrity boast.

Now who doesn't like the sound of that?! I think this will suit women more who are looking for a firming akeup product. I didn't ask if this is safe for much younger women though. However, The Face Shop uses natural products so I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work for teens. 

The Face Shop Lovely ME: EX Honey BB Cream Ingredients

The ingredients are listed above for those who are interested to learn which materials they used to produce this bb cream. I'm glad that this time I am able to understand what the brand says about the product because they have the info in English. I love the packaging a lot because it looks neat, clean, and appealing because of the glass bottle, and it comes with a spatula to easily scoop the product on each use.

This bb cream contains SPF 20, PA++ so you don't need to apply sun lotion when using this product. It contains honey known for its nourishing and moisturizing effect, argan oil recognized for it's skin softening properties, and acacia collagen that provides elasticity to the skin. Honey BB Cream helps to achieve moisturized, silky, smooth, and supple skin. 

This bb cream is very easy to blend on the skin. It glides smoothly and dries matte making you look more natural and flawless. The consistency is very light and creamy, and applies like gel because it feels cool on the skin. It has a powdery and honey scent that I love making me enjoy every application. 

after application

after the bb cream oxidizes for about 3 minutes

As you can see on the photos above, the bb cream dries matte and matches my skin pretty nicely. It doesn't have a grey undertone and will match light to fair skin tones. After application it looks lighter on the skin but it blends with the skin really well after letting it oxidize for about 3 minutes. This bb cream is great for all skin types but the oil control is not impressive if you have oily skin. I had to blot my face after 3 hours but it doesn't make my skin look orange or tan which is great! However, it's summer and been extremely hot and humid recently so I give this bb cream more credit for not melting. After blotting my face looks fresh again and it doesn't cake. Applying a primer on your t-zone does the trick so I would recommend doing so if you have oily skin. Unfortunately it only comes in one shade so that's a little sad for others who have darker skin tones who want to try this bb cream as well. 

After almost a week of use I didn't break out. No irritation either. My skin feels very moisturized and soft with every use, and I really love it. My verdict: 5 STARS!!! 

Have you tried this bb cream recently? If you have, kindly share your experience and let me know how it works out for you :).



  1. thank you so much for the review <3
    I want to try The Face Shop-bb cream but I couldn't choose :)
    your review helped me!

  2. I should have bought it but I double thought myself lol.

  3. It's a good quality bb cream for half the price of others :). I don't see this on The Face Shop stores anymore though. I hope they don't discontinue this


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