Monday, April 2, 2012

Nichido True Lash Eyelash Adhesive

Since I did a review of The Face Shop lash glue, I thought of doing a review of the Nichido eyelash adhesive as well. This comes in a tiny crystal container in a small plastic packaging. This is 1ml of lash glue if I'm not mistaken for P60 or $1.43. 

I mentioned on my previous post that I was looking for a lash glue because I got a few lashes that I could practice on and the glue that came along with the product was unusable so when I saw that this was only P60, I thought this was a steal. Wrong! It's actually expensive. Well not really if you only look at the price, but if you compare it with the volume of the product you're getting, it's pricey. 

This lash glue has a semi think consistency and doesn't dry very clear. This doesn't have enough stickiness from my experience as I cannot get my lashes to stick if I just use a small amount. I need to apply 2-3 thin layers of glue on the band just to keep my lashes from moving all over the place. Waiting time for the glue to become tacky is about 30 seconds and I think that's too long if I compare it with The Face Shop's Eyelash Adhesive which only takes about 5 seconds (please click on the link for review). I've only used this adhesive for roughly 6 times and look how much I have left. I've already used  up half of the bottle! 

The applicator isn't the easiest to work with. I needed to dip it a few times into the bottle because it doesn't take a lot of product. And it's a little tricky to hold down the lashes with tweezers while the other hand carefully dips the applicator into the bottle a couple of times to take more glue (especially for beginners). Well your best bet is to take a drop of glue on the back of your hand and run the lash band through it. I just don't prefer that procedure. 

This lash glue is not the best one you can buy locally without hurting your pocket because The Face Shop Eyelash Adhesive works 5 times better, and is only about twice the price (P60 vs P135) but contains 7 times more product.

My verdict: 1 STAR! Choosing an inexpensive product isn't always practical so look around, compare, and choose the one which offers better quality even it means you pay a little more. I don't recommend this product because this isn't a good value for money. 

I hope this review helps. If you have any questions, please leave it down below. Take care everyone and good night / good afternoon /  good day to you all! :)



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