Monday, January 24, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish RD301 Review

I finally got my hands my new face shop nail polish. I purchased this last week together with 2 other colors and I just had the chance to use it because the BL604 blue polish I tried first already chipped. It wasn't a bad chip though. There were only a few chunks that came off on the tips of my nails because I work on my laptop a lot.

This version of nail polish is 3 times more costly than their classic nail colors so I'm hoping that this stays on my nails chip free longer. If it can stays 3 times longer that would be amazing! It also says on the box that it came with that it repairs nails. It will probably make the nails become stronger and not turn it yellow (maybe). I don't know because it doesn't say much on the packaging.

The product comes is a prettier packaging than their other nail polish. It has a slim silver handle that is just right on my hands. The brush is also a lot thicker and fatter so it makes the application a lot easier. The product also has shimmers in it and is not too glossy which I love. It's also not streaky and it's very pigmented. I was able to achieve a vibrant nail color with just 2 coats. I didn't use any base coat or top coat because I want to wear it alone and know how long this lasts on my fingers chip free. This is the first nail polish that I got on this line "Face It" so I don't know if it's better than their classic nail color. Another good thing I like about it is that it dries faster than the other face shop nail polish I have! I appreciate fast drying nail colors because I don't want to be spending a lot of time waiting for the product to dry on my nails.

I took another picture without a flash (please forgive the quality) so you see how pretty the color is when it's already applied on the nails.

I love the other face shop nail polish but I think I have another favorite now. It's a little bummer though that the outlet here only has 3 colors of this line. There was silver grey and lilac and both also come with shimmers. We'll see how long this stays flawless on my nails. I'll let you know for sure :D

This one lasted pretty well and I just love it! It's more long lasting and is worth its cost. 



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