Monday, June 13, 2011

4U2 Dream Girl Happening Eyeshadow

4U2 Dream Girl Happening Eyeshadow

I noticed this eye shadow last week and I thought they look lovely. The problem is it doesn't say what shade it is so I can't tell you guys but I got it from Watsons for P164 and I think it's not bad. I like the packaging because it's black with pink print and it looks clean. It has 2 pretty shades in one and I think it's a good deal. The other color is like a champagne color and the other one is coral-y shade and both of them are pearl based. 

4U2 Dream Girl Happening Eye Shadow Swatch

4U2 Dream Girl Happening Eye Shadow Swatch

I got this because I liked the champagne color for everyday use. I wear a very simple makeup when I run errands and I think this will look great. The coral shade looks pretty too so even if this is the first product I have from 4U2, I still wanted to try it. 

The shadow is not as pigmented as it is on the picture when you swatch it on your skin. I had my elf primer on so it helped make the color show up more. It's very easy to blend, it's buildable, and long lasting. The swatch on my hands didn't wear off for hours. And they look lovely! The color is very soft and makes the eyes open up more. Very ideal for everyday use.

So far I like it. They have quads too and I think their colors are also very pretty. Just want to share with you this new product I tried and I hope you all like it :). I give this product 4 STARS!!!



  1. Hi! Love this. How much did you get it for? :D


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