Monday, June 13, 2011

ELF Essential Cherry Tart Liquid Lipstick

ELF Essential Liquid Lipstick Cherry Tart  

I have another makeup review for you and this on the ELF Essential Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart. I have had this since December but only had the chance to open it :). Just like the other Essential products from ELF they only retail at P129.75 or $1 from with 1.5 grams of products.

Elf Essential Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart Swatch

What can I say, I love ELF! There's no reason not to love them because they are quality products and very affordable. This particular color is amazing because it gives a very fresh look. It's a sheer liquid lipstick, very moisturizing, gives a glossy finish, and true to its color. It has a sponge tip and a twist bottom that releases the product. I like the packaging because it's very clean looking and not messy because you only get the product if you twist if from the bottom so it won't spill at all. It's also long lasting which was a surprise because I was expecting it to rub off easily as it's a liquid lipstick. The application is even and it's very easy to use. One great thing I like about it is the cooling effect it gives on the lips like a mentholatum lip balm. With only a few application, I can feel that my lips are a little softer. Not only that, it has a pleasant taste and smell too!


Even application
True to the color
Glossy finish
Long lasting
Nice packaging
Very affordable


I seriously can't think of one :)

There are good variety of colors to choose from and I will surely get another one soon. This product deserves 5 STARS!!!



  1. The features of the product are amazing. I like them a lot and therefore have decided to purchase it.

  2. Yeah they are amazing considering the price is really reasonable. I like it a lot too! Thanks for dropping by Senegence :D


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