Saturday, June 18, 2011

ELF Essential Duo Powder Eye Shadow in Mocha Swirl

Hello everyone! I have another makeup review for you all and this time it's on ELF Essential Duo Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl. I have reviewed quite a few ELF products already and none of them have disappointed me yet! I have this same shade on a cream duo eye shadow and I love it too! I thought of using the cream shadow as a base to make the color adhere more but I decided not to do that because I wanted to see how long this will last. I got this for P129.75 at SM Department Store, you can buy this online at for $1, or you can also find this on  Ebay. It has 4 grams of product, so 2 grams each which I think it will last quite a long time. It's on a black plastic packaging with a transparent top. 

ELF Essential Duo Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl

ELF Essential Duo Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl

Both colors are really very pretty and can be worn everyday makeup or even for night out. I did a smokey eye look with this but you can certainly use the mocha shade all over the lid and the lighter shade as a highlight for a simple but polished look. These shadows has a creamy consistency, it has a good pigmentation, very easy to use, and blend. It didn't take me long to do my eye makeup at all and I enjoyed working it on my and crease. I did not use a primer prior to the application yet it looked the same after 6 hours. You can build it up according to the depth you like and it won't crease! It's really true to it's word that it's long wear and crease resistant. 

ELF Essential Duo Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl Swatch

ELF Essential Duo Powder Eyeshadow in Mocha Swirl Swatch

Here's a photo of me wearing this eye shadow. I have the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Sunrise and I will be reviewing that today as well so please check it out too. 

Overall this product works great and for the price, you cannot believe the quality of this eye shadow. I actually wanted to get the Butter Pecan too but all the powder eye shadows were sold out :). I'll surely purchase a different shade once they become available. 


Good quality
Affordable price
Long wear
Good pigmentation
Crease resistant
Easy to use


Can't think of any at all :)

My verdict: 5 STARS!!! Thanks for reading everyone!



  1. Yeah they do :). Like it a lot!

  2. Haha, I didn't know they had powder versions of these duos! I have the cream ones - same packaging, same color scheme!

  3. Yeah same shades and that's what I love about it! You can match the base cream color you want with the powder eye shadow to make the color pick up more :). Will check later to see if they have it available already on other shades :)

  4. i think elf duo shadows are great :) followed you. keep on blogging darling

  5. Thanks for the sweet words and for the follow Kumiko :D. I really appreciate it. I followed you back too. Take care! :)


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