Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish RD301 Swatches and Review

I was supposed to do a review on this nail color a few weeks ago but I skipped it and used the purple nail polish instead. This is a red orange / neon red nail polish which is very bright and good for the summer. It's the rainy season in the country now but I don't mind wearing a bright nail color. I have it on my toe nails and it looks really pretty on flip flops. The retails price is at P95 at any The Face Shop store.

I took a few shots so you see how it looks on different lighting condition. I'm so into tangerine/orange colors now and I like this shade a lot. It's glossy and can be used alone but I preferred adding a top coat to avoid scratches to it. It's also very pigmented and opaque. I only applied 2 coats and it was enough to create a bold look. The product is not at all streaky, not too thick, and very pigmented so the application was smooth and easy. 

The Face Shop Nail Polish RD301 Swatches

The Face Shop Nail Polish RD301 Swatches

The Face Shop Nail Polish RD301 Swatches

This color will suit any skin tone but will look bolder on fair skin and make the skin look a lot lighter. I don't like putting very bright nail colors on my toe nails but this one is just lovely to look at. This is definitely one of the best nail shade to wear for summer! It started chipping after 3 days though so it's a little disappointing because I wanted it to last longer. Other than that, this is just a great nail color!

This ends my nail polish review for today and I hope you like this post. I'm also hoping that this helps anyone in any way. My verdict: 4 STARS!!! I will surely purchase other color! I'm trying the ELF nail colors too and will write a review about it soon :D.



  1. Pretty color! I love TFS nail polishes. :D

    I've passed on an award to you. Please check it out here. :D

  2. Hi Janinay, thanks a lot! I'll surely do the Top 10 Award soon :D


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