Monday, July 18, 2011

Skin Care Product Review: Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Cream

I've always wanted to use this moisturizer but I just got one for myself since I started using the Olay Cleanser. This is in a smaller pump bottle with 20g of product for the price of P254 from Watson's. It was on sale so I decided to take advantage of the promo. I'm glad that they have a cheaper and smaller version so I won't feel so bad if it doesn't work well for me. 

Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Cream Ingredients

The image above shows the ingredients of the moisturizer for those who are interested on trying this product and want to make sure it doesn't contain anything they are allergic to.

I am not very much impressed of this moisturizer because it makes my skin look a little more oily. I expected this to be my HG skin care product but it's not as amazing as I expected it to be after using it for a week. It takes awhile before my skin absorbs the product so I have to wait for awhile before I put on my makeup. I normally apply this in the evening and my skin is really soft when I wake up. I do notice that my skin has been smoother and looks more refreshed since I started using it. I like that my cheeks are rosier too (wink). My pores has been minimized since I started using Dickinson's Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner 2 months ago ( I wrote a review on this product so do check it out if you are interested) so I cannot give all the credit to Olay. I don't notice any dramatic result on my fine lines yet but I understand that it takes awhile. Probably after another week. It also has a smell that is not very nice and  it doesn't matter as long as it works but I like it better if it's unscented. I think the one for oily skin will work for me but they don't it in have a smaller packaging. I don't want to be spending P699 for a moisturizer which I am unsure if will work for me or not. So far I like it but I expected more. I have tried Pond's Anti-Aging Cream before and it was way better. 

Overall this product works good but it's just greasy. I give it 3.5 STARS!!!   



  1. This blog is great. Thanks a lot for following me on twitter. But, I have one request. If possible, please tell something about make-up and skin care products for men, specially for those who have oily skin like me. Olay I think, is likely to do very less for my skin... And, please visit my blog also.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the kind words. Will surely create a post on skin care products I've tried which I know works for men. Thanks for visiting my blog and for following me on twitter :D. Will definitely visit your blog! Have a great day!


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