Friday, October 21, 2011

Lipstick Review: Lancome Color Design All Done Up

I am so in love with this lipstick ever since I got it! I have had this for months now but only used it a month ago when I was out of town. I honestly didn't want to use it because it's just so pretty and only wanted to keep it LOL. I bought this from a friend who was kind enough to sell it to me for a friendly price (Thanks Zsa Zsa!) :D so I'm not sure how much this costs in the market now. 

The shade is a mixture of fuchsia, berry, and mauve which I believe is a perfect shade for any skin tone. It's a cream lipstick that glides on and easy to apply. Pigmentation and opacity is just amazing. You can just dab it on your lips and the color will pick up. It has a medium coverage which you build up for a full coverage without looking like you layered a lot! The staying power is really good because I don't need to retouch after 8 hours. 

Lancome Color Design All Done Up

Lancome Color Design All Done Up Hand Swatch

Lancome Color Design All Done Up Swatch

I swatched this once when I took the photo and look at how rich the color is. It's very creamy and doesn't look dry. You can wear this alone or with a gloss on top of it. I love how comfortable it feels on the lips because it's totally weightless. What's perfect about it is that it doesn't have any scent and it's tasteless so you'll hardly notice that you have it on.

This lipstick brightens my face no matter how simple my makeup looks. I love wearing because the shade doesn't scream pink but makes you look so feminine. This is my most favorite lipstick (for now). It's a 5 STAR quality lipstick which every girl should have!



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  2. You're welcome! Glad you like this post and thanks for leaving a comment :)


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