Saturday, November 26, 2011

Elf Studio Stipple Brush Review

I have always wanted to get this brush because I have heard so many great reviews about this makeup brush. Most of the youtube gurus are using stippling brush to apply liquid foundation, bronzer, or highlighter and it's said to create an airbrush effect, now how can I let this product pass? Applying foundation takes most of my time because I always want to make sure that it's well blended and it looks very natural so owning a good brush to help me achieve a flawless look is a must. This is a talkon brush that creates a flawless and airbrushed look. It's said to be perfect for adding definition to cheekbones or highlighting with soft layers. I bought this brush for P249.75 at SM Department Store. 

I love that when I washed it the moment I took it out of the package it didn't bleed, which happens to other brushes I have tried. There wasn't any shedding as well so it's extra plus points :). The handle has the right length and easy to hold for an effortless application. It has fewer hairs though and flimsy so when applying the foundation in stippling motion, it feels like you have lesser control. Yes it blends the foundation nicely compared to using a sponge but you have to put more effort, especially when blending around the nose. This is the first stippling brush I have tried but I know it needs it to be fuller to have more control over blending the foundation. I used the same brush to apply my bronzer and blush and it works great! It takes the right amount of product and blends it really well because the application is very light handed. As you can see on the photo, it does look like the blending of the product was smooth and there are no harsh edges. 

I love using this to apply my bronzer and blush especially when they are very pigmented and tricky to work with. For the use on foundation, it did help me to create a clean, well blended, and flawless look but it just takes a lot more work than I have hoped for. However, for the effect that it gives me, I am patient enough to work with it. I'm happy with all the good points it gives versus the poor ones. Elf has plenty of good quality and affordable makeup brushes and they are indeed a brand to watch out for. 

My verdict: 4 STARS! I definitely recommend this to makeup junkies who want to own and affordable but quality stippling brush. Once you get the hang of it, you'll surely love it. It's best for blush, highlight, and bronzer application. I have purchased the flat top brush and will use it for awhile and then make a review of it.



  1. Great review, i've wanted to try this brush since i already love the eyeshadow brush!

  2. Thanks! Their essential brushes are good and I'm trying their studio eyeshadow brushes soon which I heard is a really good :). I'm glad you like my review :)


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