Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Face Shop Nail Polish Review BR801

This nail color is one of my favorites among the neutral shades I have because it's very flattering. For me it's a very pretty shade for any occasion but I believe this is a perfect nail color to wear for a wedding. It's a sheer beige color which is a bit hard to work with because it was a little streaky. I had to be very careful during the application as I wanted to achieve a seamless look. I did try this on a few times without luck, until probably after the 3rd try :D. I didn't like seeing any streak so I had to remove them every time I see a single strip.

The Face Shop Nail Polish BR801 Swatch

From the swatch you call tell that it's a sheer nail color and looks very clean. I only did 2 swatches and I was already very happy with how it looks. I didn't want to layer too much because it affects the sheer effect and for me it's what makes this shade look lovely. I also did not apply top coat anymore because I don't want any added shine. I have to say that this one stayed on longer than the many I have already tried.

A very pretty shade for anyone

I love that it looks so neat and clean

I think my nails on this shot is really pretty... :D

This shade should look great on any skin tone. At first I was hesitant to try it because I know I'll have to work harder to apply it but it's all worth the effort. I had to carefully apply each coat to avoid streaks and I believe it turned out okay. I'm so in love with this color. I'm sooo glad I got it. 

Flattering color
Good pigmentation
Long staying
Dries easily
Very wearable for any occasion 
Suits any skin tone

A little streaky

I cannot say anything bad about this particular nail polish other than I had to work harder to apply it. I love this shade so much! Any lady should get this color because it's just so gorgeous. I will definitely wear this shade on my wedding :D.

My verdict: 5 STARS
Would I repurchase? Without a doubt!
Would I recommend? YES!



  1. I don't like wearing nail polishes save for neutral/skin tone ones! Your nails look so neat! <3

  2. looks pretty! i just got two nail polishes there today but i got the midnight blue color and it was very opaque :D btw just followed your blog i love it! :D

  3. Thanks Addie! :D That's so sweet. Love the products you review on your blog too. Following you back! :D

  4. i have this nail polish but i don't know how to make it like you, it's always streaky or too thick, i can't do it like you :(

  5. Hi Lana! I actually had the same problem before because it was kind of thick and streaky. What I do is I shake the bottle really well in between application and place the polish on my nails very quickly. See if you can make it work too.

  6. I love the very neutral shade. Maybe once I get tired of the RED, I'll buy this next.

    1. Hi Scarlet! Yeah this is a really good one to try. I super love how it makes the nails so clean, sophisticated, and soft. You'll love it! :)


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